My 3 year old niece's original poem

in poetry •  3 months ago  (edited)

armmmoni daddxx mum allllbero ambra scoiattolo

autunno ciclamino AFFADDDZAZ VENTO


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(It may be considered a shitpost but I wanted this memory in the blockchain)

Impressive use of more than one key. Good poem.

She's just 3 years old but knows the alphabet already. She can hand-write a few words too.

In this occasion she picked the words for the (improvised) "poem". I was spelling them for her and she was trying to type them on my laptop keyboard. She did quite a good job!   =]

I must admit though that she stole a couple of words from a poem that she memorized at the kindergarden. HA, a plagiarist already!! 🙈

She busted in a laugh when she discovered that she can keep a key pressed.

So sweet =]