Something About Your Eyes

in poetry •  last year 

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Your eyes are like the hills

It got me looking high

Show me your secrets

Let me unravel you



Your eyes are like the oceans

It got me surfing on your waves

Take me into your deep

Till I can finally breathe


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Your eyes are like the stars

Through you I could see the universe

Reveal your hidden mystery

Let your evolving aura linger on me



Your eyes are like fire

It stirs up my burning desire

Purify me in your flames

Saint me with your love


_ (1).jpeg

Your eyes are like the wind

Blow me away with your precious petals

Pollinate my existence with your touch

Let me blossom in your fragrance



For the first time in a long while I decided to pen down a poem on paper. I usually type so much I've almost forgotten how it feels to write. It sounds weird but it is what it is. I ended up writing in verses which is not my usual style. I kinda like how this came out. Hope you guys love this.

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Different similes for different stanzas it's totally amazing, I love the comparisons, the metaphor are top knotch and you managed to take me to places musing in thought, it's definitely a lovely piece buddy

Hey fam, i appreciate your compliments as usual. I tried a different approach this time. Glad it turned out well. I believe you're posting a piece today. The last I read was unburnt.
Thank you for dropping by.

Yeah I noticed too it seems like it's totally different from your usual poetic pattern and it got me really spiked up to write a piece today lol, wow yeah I'm going to drop one piece on like three hours time, maybe one day we'd definitely work on a piece again.

These images are seductive beautiful ladies.
Your writing got me craving for more

Ask and I'll give you your crave