Lost Love

in poetry •  6 months ago 


It has been long since I heard from you

I miss the soothing sound of your voice

and the special inscriptions in your letters

As time passes by

I hear your echoes fade away into the hallway

Memories of your face are getting blurred

Tired of holding on to the energy preserving our memories

Should I let my fantasy take me away

To heal from the thoughts of you

I miss your stolen kisses

And walks in the gardens

Send me a sign

Send me a postcard

Reach out to me

Let me know you are out there

Memory lane is getting foggy

Day are getting long

Nights are more lonely

I know you are out somewhere

Reach out to me

Hope I'm being heard


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Damn! This just touched my soul deep down. A falling again.

This is a soul touching piece.

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Thanks bro