Inside Your Mind

in poetry •  last year 


I wonder what thoughts flashes your mind

That beautiful mind the eludes passion

Let me in to see your fiery desires

Help to see behind the veil

You're like a puzzle with no clue

Like a wandering heart on a wanderlust

Bring me to know if I'm deserving

I yearn to know what's on your mind

Let your heart speak to me

Say it with your eyes

Whisper it with your smile

Let the feeling linger on me

Pour it on me

Soak me in your divine

Fill the basket of my heart with your harvest of love

Let me colour the grey

Let me into your mind

Draw me into your light or dark

Hold me close

No matter the sky

Or somewhere in the adrift

Our latched thoughts would whitewash the blue

As we make it beautiful


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Beautiful and heart felt poem from .
Nice to see you back friend.

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Thanks fam

Beautiful piece as always