Love and Grief

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I lie here everyday thinking
Of you and of me
Of your perfect face and your laughter
What brought us together?
Was it your bright smile?
They way it spreads across your face
So beautiful it shames the sun
Or your warm arms
Holding me close to your heart
Never tired of my ramblings

You’re my moon
In my weak moments you light up my day
You shine through the darkness
Embracing me with your rays
Day after day you stand tall
Unfazed by my demons
Unruffled by my bicker
You watch and protect
Constantly telling me the truth
Even when I hate it

You’re my rainbow
With your gracious colours
You add beauty to my life
You remind me life is about the little things
About the people we love
And things that matter
About the places that make us happy
You bring out my real self
Teaching me to accept all of it
Making me love my imperfections

I’m carefree when I’m with you
It’s like being a child once again
Chasing after colourful butterflies
Seeing only the flapping wings
My laughter is real
With you by my side
I’m whole knowing I have you
You thought me to love
And I can’t get enough of it
I’m here to cherish and to hold

I'm still boxing. I wrote this shortly after everything fell apart, then something happened and it looked like it would be alright in the end, but they all fell apart again. I'm trying to stay afloat for as long as I can.

Grief is a funny nasty little thing. Some days, you're in control. On other days, you have no idea what to do with yourself and all the pain. One wrong step and it swallows you up. Today, I'm croaking like a frog. Don't ask.

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