Hu (R U) maN?

in poetry •  last year 


Who is hyoooman, am I, are you...
are you a Human Being?
Iz dat who yoU real-lie aRe?

Are you your legs or perhaps your eyes,
one of the social masks you wear
maybe some other disguise?


Are you merely the role they gave you to play?
'Raging Psycho', 'Junkie', 'Sadistic Arsehole', 'Newage Hogwasher'
'MILF', 'Lost Soul', 'Knowitall', 'Pothead', 'Control Freak', 'Suit & Tie' etc?
Did you just fall for it, like I did - mistaking 'reel' and 'role' for 'real',
choosing apparent solidity of Thought over the magic of Feel?

Are you then a Human DO-ing?

Are you the lingering ache that lives in your breast;
through trauma and paranoia does your Being manifest?
What about sweaty palms; guilts; fears; desires, unshed tears
and all those intermittent joys across the swift waning years?


You must be your thoughts then, surely Descartes was right
"I know that I am coz I see myself thinking"
or something in Latin along similar lines!
Am I thought itself then, unmoving, unblinking?


What about the layers of identity I keep
rusty, dusty, manifold, multifaceted and deep;
why do tongues speak what is not really thought;
why does thought think what mouths dare not utter?
easier and more comfortable to remain asleep...
or so I think in my 'Comfort Zone' gutter!


I am a Being, yes yes... I feel, I experience!
I experience and I feel even when thought is inactive -
such as when I am lost in awe
or observing the experience of thoughtless meditation
or passionately singing a mantra, football chant or national anthem
or even just enjoying a really good shite!


But I am not the experience and I am not the details of my experience
At least I think I am not!
Indeed, thinking happens and then this happens:
I think, therefore I am.......confused

But I am not confused when I allow myself to feel
when I can feel my experience
or experience my feeling(s)
coz then I am not seeking the moment
nor am I pushing it away
nor trying to control it
or define its shape.
I am being with it
just Be-ing


....and that is when IT comes
softly, gently, lucid and into sight
on a whisper of breeze and in the dance of sunlight
a song of all ages, all creeds, all thoughts and all stages
bringing the freshness of rain and rest for the brain,
gathering gradually in strength a soothing refrain
repeated twice more and then ever again:

I am a being of light, I am spirit.
I take on form, I do not have form!

I am a being of light, I am spirit.
I take on form, I do not have form!

I am a being of light, I am spirit.
I take on form, I do not have form!


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As for me, I am not 'human' as such but I am having a Human Experience, the fact of which I am slowly waking up to. A barge is also a type of boat btw!


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