In half light [Writing Project]

in #poemlast year

And I do not know at what time of the night, of the dawn, of the day, of the month, or of the first 15 seconds of eye contact, I do not know at what moment I fell in love with you, if when I saw you, when I heard you, kissed you or to feel you
Much less do I know when I started loving you, if after seeing you or before I met you.
I only know that music slipped through my ears with a subtle echo that was pleasant, I know that you could only see that cigarette light shining our faces in the middle of the darkness, I know I was in love with your perfect smile and you with my pupils dilated watching you, I know we were enveloped by the desire and the electrifying energy of the cold air of 5 AM.
I know that as outside dawned our eyes got smaller, I know that our gasping breaths collided over each other, I know that the direct contact of your warm skin to mine transmitted heat, I know very precisely that at that moment I just wanted to get lost in your Curls, your sweet fragrance and in you.
So .. do we bristle the skin? Or do we nake our souls?