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Option Alpha

We all have our sources of educational material and I have several, one of which is an option trading educational podcast, which is published daily, and is called the Daily Call. The author author of the podcast Kirk Du Plessis is also the Founder of Option Alpha, a Private Options Investing Company and Options Educations Source. Kirk is formerly an Investment Banker in the Mergers and Acquisitions Group for Deutsche Bank in New York and REIT Analyst for BB&T Capital Markets in Washington D.C. He’s a Full-time Options Trader and Real Estate Investor. He's been interviewed on dozens of investing websites/podcasts and he's been seen in Barron’s Magazine, SmartMoney, and various other financial publications. Kirk currently lives in Pennsylvania (USA) with his beautiful wife and three children.

I have also listened to the OptionAlpha YouTube videos and read the website educational material and I think Option Alpha is a good source of education. For example I listened to Podcast #155, which was titled;
Seven questions to ask yourself before making an Options Trade.
While The seven items included : 1. Does this fit my portfolio, 2. Does the ticker symbol or contract your trading have enough liquidity, 3. Where is implied volatility rank, 4. What expirations are you trading and three more. The seven listed items contain some well known ones and some not so well known ones, and of course each is accompanied by plenty of explanation. I thought the Podcast contain very valuable information and I suggest you follow the link to read the whole article or play the podcast.
OptionAlpha Podcast .

Summary: I have been trading options for years, but options trading is complicated and the importance of the options greeks, the strategy of spreads and all the rules regarding options trading, expiration, assignments, margin, margin calls, etc In short, you need to trade often, stay on top of things and continue to educate yourself because the only thing constant is change. I enjoy this podcast with a bunny name and short duration usually ten minutes. I think The Daily Call is a good podcast for short segments of options education/review for beginning and advanced traders. He has a number of podcasts which just answer single questions of the everyday type that comes up when your trading. He does a good job, often gives references for verification and further information, so I enjoy it. I think you will too.

Remember knowledge is power, power brings wealth, and wealth brings freedom.
Free yourself.
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I listened to that one and it is a nice one. It’s short and clear. Thanks for the review.

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!glyphy good + job

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