POCKET Friday, and a little info about the consequences of upvoting my posts.

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Heads up for all my fans and supporters: I’m currently being targeted by @mmmmkkkk311 for downvotes, even on posts where I use the sbi-skip hashtag. So feel free to use that information in your upvoting choices. If you are trying to maximize curation, there’s a good chance that account will downvote all my posts, so you might be better off abandoning me.

I’ve already discovered, much to my chagrin, that I’m less driven to spend time on Steem. You may have noticed that my 700+ day streak of freewriting ended shortly after this began. I didn’t intend to let this downvoting impact my dedication to Steem, but the human psyche is frustratingly designed. I’m continuing to try to motivate myself to catch up on freewrites and so on, but it’s tough. My weekly commitment to Punday Monday hasn’t wavered, though.

Anywhoodles. Enjoy a POCKET Friday. I won’t be bothering with sbi-skips any more. Let that account use its downvotes on me. Hopefully it will spare others the hardship by draining their power.

Welcome to POCKET Friday!

If you enjoy jokes, this is your chance to award your favorite jokes from this week’s Punday Monday with your praise and your votes!

All the jokes from this week are in the comments on this post:

How do you vote?

A popular way to vote is with your voice! In a comment or post, tag the user who made the pun you like and let them know that you like it!

But the way we determine the winner of this audience favorite award is with POCKET. In order to vote for your favorite punster of the previous week, you’ll send them POCKET in a comment on this post. The next section will tell you how.

How do you send POCKET?

If you don’t already have POCKET, you can get some for the purposes of voting from @paul.atreides! He’s already sent some to @coinsandchains, @artgirlnyc and @corpsvalues, so we’re hoping to get some votes from them on favorite puns! Send him a message or memo that says, “I want to vote in this week’s POCKET awards for Punday Monday, would you send me some POCKET so I can?”

Once you have POCKET, you can send it using the syntax,

pocketsend:2orMore@punsterhandle,this part is where you tell the punster what you liked about their pun. Notice that there isn't a space after the comma.

This is all you do with the POCKET. If there are other uses for it on the blockchain, I don’t know.

Why did I make audience voting like this?

I wanted a system that used a finite resource that wasn’t very related to the personal finances of any individual. By using POCKET, we can see people bidding up their favorite punsters or working together to root for one pun or another. Even if one punster ultimately comes in second, they still get something for their trouble, an instrument that they can use to vote for their favorite punsters in future rounds!

This is Season 2!

We ended our first season of the POCKET Choice awards on October 1st, 2018. The Winners’ Circle from Season 1 will be indelibly branded onto our brains. Will your favorite punster be a new member of The POCKET Choice Awards Winners’ Circle Season 2?


Two SBI units

The winner of the POCKET Choice Awards wins a #steembasicincome unit! (and every entry wins an SBI!) This was initially made possible thanks to prize support for the #PundayMonday community from @curie, and now it is the standard!

Punday Monday accepts new puns right up until the next Punday Monday!

So, if this is the first you’re hearing of it, head on over, and try your hand at punning!

If you've never punned before, it might seem like magic! You can do it, too! Learn how in My Free How-To Guide on Punning! )

Enjoy the puns!



Thanks to @pixiehunter for making that image!

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don't let him discourage you. The way to deal with it is to just outgrow him.

pocketsend:2@ecoinstant, as soon as I read his pun he instantly had my vote.

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I don't chase curation rewards :) No fun in that.
I vote for people and content. That's fun.

Thanks! I vote for communities, mainly. I really love Freewritehouse, and want it to succeed, so I try to support it as best I can.

I love Freewritehouse, too. Many of the authors there are my 'friends'. For me Steemit is more about engagement than crypto. Though I would like some of that, also. I don't engage in Freewrites because I'm a slow, deliberate writer who edits my own pieces ruthlessly. I need a Longwritehouse :))
Wishing you the best, and Steem On, because it's fun and nice people hang out here.

An excellent perspective that I try to keep sight of. I feel lucky that I have the ok enough finances that the downvotes aren't going to make me struggle. @tristancarax, though, is homeless and it would be incredibly helpful to him if steem could become a financial support system. He writes good content and is rewarded in SBI frequently by those of us that can afford to support him. He also supports others with SBI. It's a potentially viable basic income, but... it's been especially hard for him under HF21, and now with the the mmmmkkkk311 downvotes.

Sorry. Yes, this platform is good as a fun diversion. A lot of us think we can see the potential in its becoming more than that, and feel frustrated when bad actors make that harder.

Le sigh.

I love @tristancarax. I wrote a story for his first 31-sentence contest. That was hard...truly a longwrite. Sometimes I forget to check his blog, but was just over there today. I will be more diligent. He's great. Thanks for the reminder.

@improv, I hear you on the demoralizing effect that mmkk has on people. Rather than getting what he says he wants, he's hurting the very people who make this platform worth coming to at all, and this is very sad.

@agmoore2, often, since about a year and a half into freewriting, I started to edit heavily. In fact, I rarely do a straight freewrite anylong. There is sometimes a warm-up called clustering that I do before hand to help me; it works to organize thoughts before they come out on the computer. As of late, I've been doing the 31 sentences within the weekendfreewrite, only using the prompts. Of course, these are edited. So, while doing a freewrite in five minutes is one option, you now have other options to choose from. - As a side effect, I believe, curie will often stop by and bless me for the work that I've done.

@improv, while it would be nice to make a living from this, I see that as a far off thing; that is if this platform takes off. The plan I have within the Facebook group, Moving the Streets is much more reliable. I know that you hate mlm's and you don't want to hear about any of them being different than the other, but the truth is, this is a great company, thus far, and they truly have wonderful products that are inexpensive for the ingredients they contain in them.

There are a few ways to help each other within the company, the main one being simply purchasing products and letting me do the rest (of course, this is a slow way). I've been able to help multiple people with the little resources that I have. Now, if they would do as they said and order, then I would be making about $200 each month (might be overshooting a bit at this time). However, as it stands now, two or three continue to make small purchases out of the 15 or so people that I've signed up and helped. So, to date, I made my first $61 bucks just last month! I think this is awesome.

Maybe you will rethink your position and help me out with this business. I, in turn, will be able to help you out, creating a circle of help.

Anyways, @agmoore2 and @improv, thanks for the very kind words. And, yes, @improv, I've got a contest out. I would love to see you, and @agmoore again, come write for it at some point in the near future.

To quote a certain muscle-bound ex-governor:
I'll be back :))