Reviving A Sunflower

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Awhile ago in the afternoon, I went out to check our plants and saw a surprising and pleasing sight.


Good news! Because the wilting sunflower I mentioned in my previous update had survived and went back to its healthy state. Yay!!! Three days ago, the plant was bent and on the verge of wilting. I was almost sure that it will die but I added soil around the plant to make it stand, just in case it will still grow, and watered it.

Here's the previous photo of the sunflower plant.


Now, it's standing and growing healthy. Oh, I'm so happy! Thank goodness! 🌻


Glad you were able to save your seedling. Sunflowers are very beautiful.
Squirrels always rip the flowers off of mine.

oh no..bad squirrels! >.<
I hope it would continue growing though. The color of its leaves turned a little pale yesterday.

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