Plankton Token's SPORTS Delegation Rewards --- Week 3

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We have tribe token delegators for SPORTS SCOT Tribe Tokens. We are sending them token rewards weekly, based on the rewards earned by the @plankton.token account.

Here are our delegators for SPORTS token.


Plankton's SPORTS earnings for the week is a total of 2,542 SPORTS tokens, while we have a total of 34,150 SPORTS tokens staked and 19,700 of them are from the delegators.

@olivia08's 200 SPORTS earned her 15 SPORTS tokens this week.
@otom's 1500 SPORTS earned him 111 SPORTS tokens this week.
@elbrava's 2000 SPORTS earned him 148 SPORTS tokens this week.
@eii's 4000 SPORTS earned him 297 SPORTS tokens this week.
@cwow2's 5000 SPORTS earned him 372 SPORTS tokens this week.
@definethedollar's 7000 SPORTS earned him 521 SPORTS tokens this week.

Thank you for your support, more weeks to share rewards with you and the Plankton Token community.

PS: Steem Engine does not show the total staked tokens including delegations. Please see @cadawg's tool

The rewards in the last 2 weeks were more than the actual rewards due because I assumed the total staked SPORTS was the total stakes of plankton plus delegators. It was wrong, I was only seeing Plankton's actual stakes in SE, not including your delegations.

This time the rewards are exactly how it is, everything accounted. Not a big difference but this is slightly lower than before.


Thank you @plankton.token.
for you


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Thanks! !BEER

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Just delegated some sports! Could someone confirm It went through? @plankton.token


Awesome, thanks!!! Got this.

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