Pueblo Lake in Colorado is a true gem!

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Colorado certainly has lots of outdoor recreational activities to enjoy all over the entire state but Pueblo Lake is definitely one that gets utilized but, probably not enough by locals who live in the area.
The snow run off is just now starting in Colorado and many areas of the state still have two or more feet of snow on the ground. The Dam at the lake is wide open and water is roaring out of it right now. The water levels are high and the tailwater below the dam is murky making things very difficult on fisherman looking for trout.

The State park has hundreds of quality camping grounds, great fishing and hiking as well as all the boating activities on the lake. In the summer mostly bass, crappie and other pan fish can be caught rather easy in lake coves but our state is not known for trophy lake fishing like some others. Our main stay of fish is trout and gold metal waters can be found all over the state with lots of public access to fish them.

The parks has its own fish hatchery on site and regularly stocks the lake ans river with 4 species of trout and walleye for fun. The fish are usually small but several big fish do live in the area. The state record for large mouth bass was caught below the dam at the Valco ponds as a matter of fact!
Picnic areas with lots of shade trees and swimming beaches are very popular sports for weekend family gatherings, and you can fish, ride bikes on paved trails and hike all in the same area.

If you ever find yourself in Southern Colorado, don't forget to spend a little time as this state park because there is lots to do and offerings for almost everyone.


Colorado must really be a great state

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What a lovely post!

Thank you for the introduction to Pueblo Lake......splendid photographs!

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It looks so beautiful man. Colorado seems to be very nice place. ☺️👍

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Looks like a perfect area for fly fishing, not a lot of brush on the shore to get hung up on.

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Just below that dam attracts lots of fly fishermen. Some hogs in there.

Its a beautiful place from colorado, holidays or other vacation could be spent here. When you are out of city feel like good mode while you are there.

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I Love Beautiful Skies with REAL CLOUDS @broncnutz

Such a great state we live in! How you doing @Broncnutz ?

I really wan´t to visit Colorado again, I used to live in Boulder and I miss the mountains, lakes and rivers

That is truly one of the finest places to be in superb shots

That is truly one
Of the finest places to
Be in superb shots

                 - blazing

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Beautiful State Park, even if the dam sounds like the roar of thunder! I always loved the spring runoff. Were you using a wide angle on these shots. Lovely clouds you captured.

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Wao, what beautiful pictures, the sky looks spectacular, it looks very close. I like to take pictures of the sky. The Colorado park is beautiful.

thats #amazing photography you shows us . thats place also so good . i am impressed . have a lot of fun . thanks for your #excellent review . happy weekend

The place is very interesting to visit. I think it can be a major tourist destination.

Always wanted to visit Colorado, this is on my to-do list!

That looks like a nice chill place to be to spend some outdoor time. Looks a lot like the provincial parks up here.

Trout and bass fishing would sure be nice right about now. Lazy days of summer incoming!

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