The 1949 Canadian Silver Newfoundland Commemorative Dollar

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” Blackbirds tend to like Shiny Things” ~ The Bloody Raven

Resuming my #piratesunday post brings me to my favorite circulation Canadian Silver Dollar. I admit having at least four of these with a fifth one I gave away to a young man in Scotland. This was my original consideration for my YouTube avatar coin going back some years ago but I decided on the Raven.

Though not truly an Investment kind of coin I continue to look for opportunities to pick more of them up if the price is right, not much more than a buck or two above melt value but these have been consistently selling on Ebay and at my local coin show for well above that. So why?

The Coin

1949 Canada Dollar Newfoundland Commemorative
Reverse: The Matthew, CANADA DOLLAR, 1949
"FLOREAT TERRA NOVA" May the New Land Flourish.
Silver (.800), Weight 23.3 g

Apparently, it is the favorite among most Canadian collectors as this 1949 dollar's reverse has been a big hit since the year of it’s issue. Commemoratives have been traditionally often popular in the past, and with this 1949 coin design’s dramatic departure from the regular iconic Voyager Reverse, many of these coins were kept out of circulation and in marvelous condition.

The Artist

And though coin designs were first made in full size plaster versions then are copied down to dies via Pantograph machine, the Royal Canadian Mint's Master Engraver Thomas Shingles created his coin art by hand carving the actual press dies, an amazing talent.

Master Engraver, Thomas Shingles, photo from the Library and Archive Canada: Thomas Shingles Portrait

Thomas Shingles was the Canadian Royal Mint’s Master Engraver from 1943 to 1965 credited in creating the designs for;

  • 1949 Newfoundland Commemorative, ‘The Matthew’.
  • 1943 V Nickle variant.
  • 1959 to 1964 Coat of Arms on the Canada 50 Cents
  • 1971 Commemorative British Columbia Dollar submitted as a freelance artist.

His Initials T.S. are clearly indicated on the works of his legacy….

And with his deep knowledge of minting and amazing skill as a Master Engraver Mr. Shingles enjoys his personal past time of collecting stamps. Really!


Six months ago I wrote my article: Mystery of the Hudson’s Bay Company Silver Medal featuring the English exploration Ketch, 'The Nonsuch'. In celebrating their 300th year anniversary, The Hudson’s Bay Company ordered a full sized replica built by J. Hinks and Son shipyard, in Appledore, England.

For 1997, to commemorate John Cabot’s 1497 discovery of America and mark the 500 year anniversary of the event, a replica Caravel of the Matthew was built by Storms'l Services of Bristol (Bristol Classic Boat Company), of England in 1996. Following her tour to Newfoundland and various ceremonial appearances she was given to The Matthew of Bristol Trust in 2012 where her current location is in Bristol’s M Shed Museum.

Flickr: The Matthew in Bristol By Shawn Spencer-Smith under CCO 2.0
Type: Caravel
Displacement 85 tons
Length 78 feet (24m)
Beam 20 ft. 6 inches
Draught 7 ft. 6 inches

For more details: Wiki The Matthew Replica ship

1949 Canada Dollar Newfoundland Commemorative
Obverse: George VI facing left
"GEORGIVS VI DEI GRATIA REX": George VI By the grace of God
Diameter 36.06 mm, Thickness 2.84 mm
Reference KM# 47, Schön# 46
Mintage of 672,218


That other Coin.

And that brings me to the other coin that many collectors don’t know about. A coin that I have be mulling about too long if it weren’t the huge premium on this baby. RCM, you guys are too cruel!

2019 Edition of the 1949 Newfoundland Commemorative
Reverser: The Matthew, CANADA DOLLAR, 2019

This is a bullion coin and classified as a Piedford, twice as thick than the original 1949 Newfoundland commemorative issued 70 years ago. This coin not only revisits and celebrates Newfoundland’s entry into Canadian Confederation but once again acknowledges the Legacy of it’s maker, Master Engraver Thomas Shingles.

2019 Edition of the 1949 Newfoundland Commemorative
Obverse: King George VI,
” GEORGIVS VI DEI GRATIA REX": George VI By the grace of God

From the website

Of course it comes in it’s own Coin Cozy and COA

I hope you enjoyed this very special feature

Thank you for stopping by my Blog today.

The #piratesunday tag is the scurvy scheme of Captain @stokjockey for #steemsilvergold and #ssg-community pirates to proudly showcase their shiny booty and plunder for all to see. Landlubbers welcomed to participate and be a Pirate at heart so open yea chests an’ show us what yea got!



1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

Wiki: The Matthew ship
Library and Archive Canada: Thomas Shingles Portrait
NSNS: My Favorite Coin
Trip Advisor: The Matthew
Coinweek Article: 2019-1949 Newfoundland Commemorative 2019-1949 Newfoundland Commemorative

“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”

Danger! Don’t try this at home!

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I have several reasons to love this coin: it has a ship on it, it was designed by the same designer of the most beautiful circulating coin in the world, the $.50 CAD and finally it bears the year of my birth.

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I can't find my 1949 50 Cents but I have another shot handy!

The Thomas Shingles version of the Canadian Coat of Arms with his TS initials between the shield and the 'USQUE' ribbon.
The 50 cent reverse had been revised in 1997 by Cathy Bursey-Sabourin.

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A favorite silver coin... for the both of us. I look at mine and it is a reminder of our bond as stacking sisters, @kerrislravenhill ❤️. May it grow stronger through the years!
Take care, sis 🥰🌺🤙, luv ya alway, and a million hugs and kisses 🤗❤️😘

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The new 2019 Proof Edition is such a beautiful version of the 1949 Circulation Strike.
At a $100 each for this 2019 coin it's tough to put out the cash for.
But our old 1949 version was technically a superior quality coin for it's time supervised by a remarkably talented man at his craft.
Got to admire the man.
Always, with love in abundance my dear Sis. 🌺 💝 🌹 💓 🌸

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I wanted to get the 2019, but it was way priced high


I got a chance to cash in more Deposit bottles today, to get this I have to have 1000 bottles at ten cents each. I can't fit that much in the little coop car. has free shipping!

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That is a really Beautiful shiny canadian silver 😍 love it, and Im weak for ships as well so this is one I definitly would love.
Love The history here to, always new things to learn 😉 Thank you for sharing and Im not jealous at all... 🙈 OMG.. I am

Thank you @saffisara the quality of this coin for a 1949 is amazing when I see it in person. It's prooflike lusture and detail after 70 years is amazing.
I hope you managed to get your 1938 2 Kroner with the Ship Kalmar Nyckel.

The ships will look great together as a theme set!
I will still be building my fabulous Silver Fleet of ships.

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Any coin or round with a ship on it works for me. Nice Raven

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Aye Captain @silverd510, yea realize that I'm building up me fleet of silver vessels t' spirit away me wealth in an entertaining pirate like manner. As yea were Guv'nor! ☠ 🦜

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That last gif! Was the second post I ever saw from you had your epic ninja unboxing. Was so frign badass. 🤘

Here's the Video Episode where it came from.
Last Chapter of the story Arc; Chronicles of the Bloody Raven!

Warning: Spoiler
There are other Chapters that led up to this episode.

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I mainly connect USA coins but i do have a weakness for Canadian silver dollar especially the death dollar.

1958 British Columbia Commemorative Silver 'The Death Dollar' Dollar.

Back in 1958 a News reporter showed this coin to a pair of local aboriginal citizens at a Vancouver Pub and asked their opinion of this coin. The two Aboriginal men remarked that there were a lot better totems that would be better subjects than the Raven, the bird of Death. "I guess the mint didn't ask around if I'd be okay before they made them." Paraphrased

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Thomas Shingles sounded like a very talented man, hand carving the actual press dies wow!!😀
I can see why this is popular, it really is a beautiful coin @kerrislravenhill !🤗
Picking this up online sounds like a very good price at one to two Dollars over spot!🤗

These 1949s seemed to be still popular online at Ebay as I usually set my bid $2 above melt value and still be outbid by a mile assuming free shipping within Canada.
Now the 2019 Version is retailing for $100, I'm hoping to find one in the Secondary for cheaper shipping included but haven't been successful.

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WOW $100.00....that's a markup!!😳
I think I would call that a pass @kerrslravenhill.....
Lot's of Silver in the sea!!!!😀

what would our Canadian fabric be without our wonderful Newfies

We wouldn't have that fine Maritime history and that bottle of Newfoundland Screech would be more expensive in my local Liquor store.
It was a separate country up until 1949 but I have a few Newfoundland coinage minted in England's Heaton Mint from my Father's collection hidden somewhere in my house.

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Thanks for the Curating @drotto

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Love the Beauty of the Ship. Thank You for keeping Pirate Sunday Alive @kerrislravenhill

Hey ninja girl. Oh, we have some rare coins. Some of them are from Canada. Good work.

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