Spiky's first @artstorm entry | Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest Week 96

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Here is my entry for this week's Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest.. The theme is 'lack of inspiration'. Thankfully, @artstorm 's daily creativity prompts come to the rescue! Great stuff, Spiky—you might win 3 STEEM this week!

Haha, hope you all don't mind a little cross-promoting 😂😂😂

Here's the sketch I did before I did the final draw in Procreate:


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Looks very much like Spiky😊

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Love your handwriting! Drawing a comic about not knowing what to draw or writing a post about not knowing what to write about is an old trick. Works every time... !organduo 500

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I love how the comics made me anticipate what is on the next panel which doesn't happen often for me. I think you got an effective way of telling your story and that is something that I need to learn. Thank you for sharing your comics leysa

Thank you! I'm far from an expert in comics but I grew up reading comic books every day so I guess I may have learned some story telling formulas in a subconscious way from all that exposure!

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