Pinky & Spiky: Fun at the Funeral (week 95)

in #pinkyandspikylast year (edited)

@contrabourdon sent me 35 STEEM and said I should enter this spiky and pinky contest so this is my entry... enjoy!



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This is inappropriate but what did I expect? After an innocent caricature of myself I totally didn't see this one coming.

Sometimes it's NSFW.. Sometimes it's safe.. Like a lottery the mind of KLYE. :D

Mark it NSFW please!

Sure thing

Just so you know. I didn't resteem your post. It was resteemed automatically by our bot.

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lol, thanks for letting me know.

You are truly disgusting!!!

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I drew this before I knew the story behind everything. My bad.

I drew this before
I knew the story behind
Everything. My bad.

                 - klye

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Now you HAVE to draw it right... I know it's a difficult theme but not THAT difficult. Maybe this works in your universe but it surely doesn't work in Pinky's and Spiky's universe.

Laputis already ripped a strip off me for this.. So now what I thought was funny I have inklings of feeling bad about.. D:

You should have listened to @contrabourdon when he said don't post this...

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He said it was inappropriate.. I giggled.

Then he filled me in on the situation.. But by that time it was already posted.

Live and learn I guess. I won't be entering anymore pinky and spiky competitions because my art is clearly way to vulgar and degenerate to fit into the status quo.



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