Pingu Sculptures

Baby 1 (Kiara) is turning out to be a fantastic artist. We watched Pingu when she was little and we're doing a second round now that Huge Baby is at a pingu age. Combine that inspiration with a gift of clay from my dad for Christmas and I'm happy to bring you Pingu Scultures.

If you don't know about Pingu you're missing out. It's a kids claymation. It's funny, wholesome, and he's adorbs. It's hard to find stuff that doesn't have a whole bunch of idiotic messaging in it these days. Pingu fits the bill and is appropriate for toddler types.








Pingu isn't streaming anywhere right this second so you'll have to illegally download or get the DVDs.

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When I was little, Pingu was my favorite show, and sometimes I still remember the scenes where the parents give this huge pungu-kiss or when the kids falls into the waterpit.

Fantastic work, Kiara. Its hard enough to draw, but working in 3D like that, with clay, or ice, or even carved in wood; is something I've always wanted to try.
Great effort.

Looks almost like the originals! Very talented!

I remember watching Pingu with my baby and now he is in college. Time flies. Great work by Kiara