Please, stop!!!

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More chicks! I discovered them by accident when I was cleaning my garden house. A whole flock of gray pigeons decided that my yard is not only a place to eat deliciously, but also a great place to hatch chicks ...







I think they have found a great place with good-vibes and could not resist your sanctuary.

Oh, yes! And it seems to me they've invited all other pigeons from the whole village!

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Thank you!

how are you dear friends @ animal-shelter good day
It is very common for this to happen, when these pigeons feel comfortable in a place they develop their life there, this happened in a house that we had in the field, they settled and began to reproduce, there were several dozen of them.
What beautiful photographs you have captured, I appreciate that you showed us these photographs
have a beautiful saturday

The problem is these gray pigeons, when they came to us, killed several my white female doves and their chicks. So now I have to keep my white doves in the enclosure...

I am very sorry about what happened, you know that these things do not happen here, they coexist perfectly, here we have several species of them