ORLY: @encrypt3dbr0k3r powers up 1M Hive

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Gee, I guess I found the reason why Hive spiked a bit today...

So if you look at the account history this @encrypt3dbr0k3r is an alt account of someone who used it to play Drugwars back in the day (Feb 2019). I vaguely remember this account while I was playing as well. Now that they've powered up 1M coins twice they have a max vote of $26. Pretty nuts. $260 a day in upvotes.

Even more crazy is that the account is only worth $350,000. It's so surreal to see an account with 2M coins worth so little. Hive is clearly still a good deal, and this guy knows it.

I've been tipped off in Discord as to the true identity (main account) of this alt account, but I won't disclose anything further because I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a secret or not.

All I can say is that a big account has decided to double down (and now triple down) on Hive. It's really nice to see that I'm not the only uber bullish person around here.

Personally, I think it would be nice if this was an outside investor. The more outside investors we get, the more decentralized we become. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers, and all of us are begging ceaselessly for Hive to raise the ranks on the market cap.

A year from now most users on Hive will lament that they didn't buy more coins at these silly low levels. The system is working just fine, it's not broken, it's just really volatile. Quick violent pumps followed by long drawn out dry-spells. This is how Hive operates. Deal with it.

When Bitcoin has $500 transaction fees because corporations are using it to transfer millions of dollars at a time and Ethereum isn't doing any better... we'll be sitting pretty, I guarantee you that.

Happy power up day.


Damn and the homie didn’t even care about the slippage his just took it as it comes and rams up the price! Could have taken his time and just let that Order book fill out over time it’s not like there’s a lack of sellers they just sell at small amounts

I wonder what the plan to do with it though

And he didn´t stop there. He added quite some more yesterday - "unstoppable"! If you know that Shooter-game Unreal Tournament, that was just the level before "godlike"!


You know it :)

Wow that is actually pretty cool that somebody sees the usefulness and invests in our technology so heavily.

Really hoping that they stick around and this entire thing blows up.

The entire Community deserves Hive at $1 or $10 would be even better

We'll probably hit $10+ but there will be no way to maintain that price. I won't even be surprised if we x10 our old ATH and get to $80 before we crash into the mountain. Hive liquidity is absolutely insane and FOMO does crazy things to people's psyche.

If BTC goes to $350k, then HIVE at $80 is not completely impossible. But my guesstimate is that it'll hit $13 before crashing and burning. Why?


March 10 2017: 7 cents
January 3 2018: $8.57
December ?? 2019: 11 cents


April ?? 2020: 10 cents
early 2021: 11 cents * 122 = $13.42

Just a guess. No pattern, yet. But I can live with $13. :)

Yeah I really thought we'd be able to hold the 80 cent support line when I made that prediction to $80. We lost a lot of gains from all the Steemit Inc nonsense. However, it's possible we make up for it with our story. We stopped a hostile takeover and now aren't being lorded over by a centralized entity... we've made quite a bit of progress even if the token price is the same.

It can last forever!!! I'm peter pan and this is never never land.

Well we can watch and see. I'm hoping this will grow and rise.

jeebus, johal grabbed ANOTHER million for that account? what a beast


What a legend.

He should have waited for the October 1 Hive PUD to get the biggest power-bee badge.
Make me think... maybe I should raise the bar to 1Mio HIVE to get it? 🤑

Haha. Hive could be back to .20 or more by then. That would be an expensive badge! 🤣

I just want to suck his or her dick right now.

He pretty much had about one million hive power before, did he power up another one million? That's huge. Plus I think some more people are powering up too.

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Holy moly ! I can't wait for watch " hive to the moon trending again " .🚀🌚

Hope I am guessing the right one..with the lord if drug wars.....better to keep the files locked

Its so insane and beautiful to see!
I really wanna power up 1m aswell, I just need the funds :P

"Power, power. Power, power. He is a nightmare walking...." 😁