My Macro Snail Shots

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Howdy Steemians! Hope you are all havin'a great time. Well as for me , i was really busy as a mom the past days.. my girls are not well, but hopefully they get better the soonest. I just wanna quickly share to you this photographs i've taken earlier while i was cleaning the front yard...


When the rainy season started here , i also been seeing this creature in out front yard some are in the wall there as well. We call it here "suso" , but it's widely known as snail. This one i saw is very small compared to those i am seeing when i was a kid. They are bigger and even the shells.


While looking at this snail and takings shots , i see how slow it moves but it keeps on going even it could be prone to danger like maybe stepped by me or eaten by maybe cats or dogs. And it seems like it has a target direction on where to go. I just realized as well that snails can be like us people.. That in our life , we have to have a goal , something that we look iforward to in the future.. it might be slow in the process , but little by little .. step by step, we can achieve it with determination.


captured using HUAWEI GR3 2017

This is also my entry for @derangedcontests photography contest Monday Macro theme

my awesome footer by dear @coquiunlimited

much love,


when i see more and more pics like this i feel increasingly compelled to get myself a nice camera.

I don't like snails but these are some pretty cool shots!

hi, very glad to see you on my blog 😍❤️ . I am actually inspired with those other steemians who are really good at macro shots. am only using my phone hopefully i can have a camera too. hehe. thanks for stoppin by and for the appreciation ❤️

Second one is funny, like a high speed start :D

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😍 @axeman in my blog!!! yay! thanks so much for the appreciation. yeah! that snail seems to be ready for a race on that shot haha . thank you again ❤️

Lucky you!

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Great shots! Love them.

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hey Nikki, nice to see you!!! thanks for loving it ,. i love those shots as well that's why i shared 😘❤️

Nice pictures :)

thanks so much!!!

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Wow! Beautiful shot and great life scenario...@zephalexia

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