My Entry for :Deranged Photography Contest - Favorite Photo Theme!

in #photographylast year

@brittandjosie pointed me out on this great contest of @derangedvisions for me to participate. The contest is about showing your favorite photo, and for me that is immediately the most difficult part of the contest, how do you choose your own favorite photo?!?!


Although I could post some photo's of my sons (because they are my favorites of all time) I have choosen a macro picture of which I am very proud, it think the photo is awesome to look at and almost unreal. I haven't edited it in any way, it is a photo of a succulent plant in the morning with dewdrops. The detail is awesome don't you think ? I hope you like it as much as I do !! :)

Have a great day you all and I am looking forward to looking at the great photo's in this contest !!




That is a pretty sweet photo. You should be proud. If you don't win then the contest has to be fixed. :) Just kidding. Awesome shot though.

haha Thanks @bozz !!

Very nice !

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Thank you very much

Beautiful shot!
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