Wild Capture In Golden Time at Padma River In Rajshahi, Bangladesh (Wildlife Photography series Part# 4)

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Hello my dear Creative Steemians,

Welcome to my another wildlife photography series. In the last afternoon when the sun seems to be set down, then the reflection of sunlight in water creates a great Golden scenario. This is a golden time of nature. You can enjoy this scenario from your heart if you used to enjoy it in a big river.


Rajshahi is the most beautiful and clean divisional city in Bangladesh. The beautiful Padma River makes this city more attractive not only for the cities people but also for visitors. My tour was an educational purpose but I didn't want to miss the wild capture in Padma River.


It was afternoon when I reached in the bank of padma in Shaheb Bazar Rajshahi. I was so late. There was no so many birds in this river. So we have to wait for the Golden time that we can capture some birds picture with great golden Background.


The beauty of Golden time really surprised me, I just forget to Click. The beauty of Padma Rived in Golden time really amazing.


I also try to click some pictures before the Golden time. You can compare the beauty of capturing a picture in the afternoon and in Golden Time.


Hope you all like my Capture. Thanks for the support of my work.

Every Picture are Shooted on Nikkon D5300.

Edited in Photoshop lightroom CC 2019.

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