Who Said Dogs Can't Climb Trees

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It's funny how some things that we are told seem to stick in our heads. How we can be so welling to take so much for fact, without ever questioning it. Yet nothing in our world is ever black or white, there is always so much more in between. It does not help that so many of us were send to schools, where we were forced to listen and learn all that we were told. An environment that did not look kindly towards those who questioned what they were being taught.

I am always telling my girls to keep asking questions, that if you really want to know the true, then you have to go out into the world and find it for yourself. I also have no problem in telling my girls when I don't know something and I really see it as an opportunity for us to find the answer together. One of the wonderful ways in which we can continue to learn alongside our children.

Sometimes my girls can ask me some innocent questions, like if unicorns are real?, if I have ever seen a dragon? I usually just say that I have never seen any unicorns or dragons, but who knows. The world is full of amazing things we have yet to discover. Recently one of my daughters asked me if dogs liked to climb trees?.

My answer, I don't think so!, which I didn't seeing as I had never seen one up a tree.


Fast forward to a few days ago and my daughter yelled at me to come outside. And yes there was our dog Bear up a tree, happy as can be!


Well now I am waiting to see a unicorn or dragon!

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sometimes i walk staing with my foot and hands and my dog goes upper me, it's like he's playing he's a human and im playing im a horse.

dogs are full of surprises indeed xx

WONDERFUL! I am reminded - and encouraged - to keep doing what "they" say can't be done. I really needed to hear that today! Bless. Sweet dog.

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you're welcome @artemislives, I think we all need to be reminded of it xx