The Garden of Eden and The Book of Job (APART)

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Hello there, fellow Rastafarian friends!

I'm back with a new entry for the APART initiative. (Read more about it below.)

This grocery store in Hong Kong immediately caught my attention for the huge diversity of colours, vegetable and fruits... but I also found the name to be really interesting: Garden of Eden.


It looks like the business was flourishing, or else they wouldn't have this vast amount of perishable goods on stock.

They had all kinds of vegetables and fruits on display but two of them in a larger quantity than the others. I guess people from Hong Kong must love melons and bananas more than the rest of the fruits, for some reason. Maybe they pick these watery and fresh fruits... because of the insanely hot weather?

"APART is a simple concept we came up with to use a pic (any pic) and relate it to a Reggae tune. Music is life and our experiences bring out memories & the melodies." - @dmilliz

I could go with more than one Reggae Song this time, since the Religious theme is present in a lot of them... but today I chose a song from Nneka called "Book of Job".

Nneka is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and actress. She uses a mix of English, Igbo and Nigerian Pidgin in her lyrics and the songs are very lively and upbeat. The message is always positive, as she focus on the good side of life, even though she is natural from such a poor and godforsaken country.

"Book of Job" is included in her fifth studio album named "My Fairy Tales", from 2015. The videclip was released in December of the previous year, as part of the marketing campaign to promote the album that would come out in March of 2015.

CameraXiaomi Redmi 3
LocationSai Kung, Hong Kong - China
PhotosEdited with GIMP


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Its looks so beautifuly colorful !!

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Yes, one of the most vibrant grocery stores I've ever seen. Thanks for your visit.

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Your APART project sounds cool! 😊😊

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Thanks but the initiative was started by @dmilliz and not by me. 😊

@trincowski, Without any doubt this kind of Grocery Shop will going to attract because when shop is filled with the full of Natural Colours it spreads so much attraction.

Have a joyful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Thanks for your visit and comment! ☺️

Welcome and have a pleasant time ahead.

That name suits the place. Almost all fruit can be found there.

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And there were many more inside! Thanks for your visit!

Cool picture! I love little places like that - they really show the true flavor of a place!

Yes, some of the stores are really original to stand out from the fierce competition. ☺️

how interesting the name is as the shop 👍

Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you liked it!

Great idea!! Love the song.

Feel free to join this initiative. I find it very cool but it looks like I'm the only one participating. 🤦‍♂️

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I'm guessing watermelons and bananas are the cheapest why they have so much.

I like how you have embraced the APART concept, you do it well too. Will surely have to listen to this track a couple times to catch it. Nice choice of tune.
( I could have sworn she was from Jamaica LOL)

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Thanks! I know this singer well, I was lucky enough to see her live. ☺️

you can find that kind of store here in my country as well. Is this photo image new? You're not a Chinese, right?

Hi there! The photo is from February 2018. No, I'm not Chinese, I'm Portuguese. 😉

oh.. you're in place where beautiful exist. hahaha


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Nice song, I enjoyed it. Also the shop is so colorful, make the trip to grocery feel merrier.

Thanks! She has better songs, but this one fitted the theme perfectly. ☺️

Nneka is really beautiful and great song, have never heard before about her but like it :)

She really is. If you liked that one, I think you're going to love this one: