An Empty Social Network is an Empty World (APART)

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Do you still remember the days when Social Networks looked like this? Except, they were not empty back then... but always full of users talking to each other.


People, mostly women, would gather in places like this and - while they washed the clothes - they would talk about everything, from their kids to their husbands to the soap operas and books they were reading.

We can say these places were the source of all news (and gossip) for the local inhabitants of each locality.

Nowadays, all these Social Networks are pretty much abandoned and deserted... and what is a Social Network without its users? Nothing more than an empty world.

"APART is a simple concept we came up with to use a pic (any pic) and relate it to a Reggae tune. Music is life and our experiences bring out memories & the melodies." - @dmilliz

That reminds me of an old song by Diana Ross & The Supremes - My World Is Empty Without You. I know this is a Motown song... but I've found a Reggae Version by Reggaesta, which I hope you like.

CameraXiaomi Redmi 3
LocationModivas, Vila do Conde - Portugal
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What do you think about the evolution of social networks, and what's happening with newer ones such as this and others?

Hello there!

I think Social Networks are nothing without users who create content for them... and in the case of Steem there's a lot of potential but also a lot of problems.

I see a lot of new users being chased away from Steem not long after they join. Some of the whales seem more interested in enforcing their self-imposed rules - without even answering people what they did wrong - than to see the Network grow and thrive... and I think that attitude will come back to bit them all in the ass.

We need to educate people about what can and cannot be shared. Attacking them with flags and rude insults as soon as they join... is not the way to do it.

About the other Networks, I can't speak much. I haven't logged into Facebook for a year now... and I don't use Twitter, Instagram or anything else. Steem is the only Network where I'm active right now.

Thanks for your visit and comment.

What do you think about the evolution of social networks, and what's happening with newer ones such as this and others?

It reminds me of the period when there were still countless search engines. Services sprang up to submit ones site to numerous search engines via one submission. Was involved with some cgi Perl scripting for one such project back in the day.

To make a decentralized social media workable, while not moving back to centralization, the approach should be back the other way. That is a tool or dApp which submits your content to all streams with one click. The photos go to instagram and so on and so forth.

In the same way this browser extension, perhaps, would scrape the social media sites it has been pointed towards and given the keys to the kingdoms and scrape one's feed.

STEEM would be a great platform to provide such a service upon.

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no problem ;)

Thank you very much!

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It's a sad thing. But when you talk with bunch of people about this, they all want to talk in person.

Talking in person has become an unnatural activity, specially for kids! 🤣

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We still have them in Rural India, and the outcome is always a destruction lol 😁😁

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A destruction? Why do you say that?

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what exactly is that? In Jamaica it would be down by the river in rural areas. Yeah, most these days don't even want to talk on the phone " Why did you call me? Send me a text!" LOL. Just imagine when VR really roles out in the 2020s, the streets will be empty.

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This is a tank for people to wash their clothes on. You got that right, there's a small river right next to it.

"Just imagine when VR really roles out in the 2020s, the streets will be empty."

Are we all going to be laying down and connected like in the Matrix? 🤓

Here reading your post, but yes, not really on as much these days.

Thanks for stopping by, Kimberly.

It is sad that we no longer look to our neighbors. But it is a good thing that we reach out across the world - I just wish it wasn't "instead."

Yeah, we replaced our closest personal relationships by long distance ones. 😊

I remember the time when we met and socialized in persons... sometimes I do miss that time. But life change rapidly and we won't get that time back. That is development and I think humans are good at adapting to changes...

One day we'll all be lying down on beds... linked to each other with cables... and we won't move a muscle for the entirety of our lives.

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