Last day on the beach...

in #photography2 months ago

Authorities are repeating the same message lately. It is very likely that we all have to get confined for the second time...
We are risking our summer holidays and we have decided to go and spend the morning in the beach as it was the last time we could do during July...
Fortunately We have had an amazing sunny day, the water was delicious and the wind was soft.

At noon we went to the closest “chiringuito” to have some aperitivo and, of course, a fresh beer.


Then, we put our masks on and we left the beach, back to our shelter at home...


This is getting more and more complicated but we will survive 😂😂

Have a good start of the week.



I heard about the authorities confiscating decks chairs from the beach, and resorts being empty, all true? Spain news reaches us all the time.

Yep, there are some beaches around Barcelona where authorities have closed the entrance...We have to stop the new surge of the virus

Who knows what the year has left in store. All I say at this stage is take personal responsibility and don't do anything stupid. Apart from that life has to go on so make the most of it.

Entre el coñazo virus y la posicion en la que se encuentra Bitcoin, uno no puede salir a disfrutar el verano tranquilamente 😠

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Likewise here we are still in lockdown and the covid cases are over 300k some stupid figures I careless about.

Nice to be out there on the beach and sip some BEER, I could do with that!

!BEER for you as well

Lol thanks for the beer

Hey @joetunex, here is a little bit of BEER from @toofasteddie for you. Enjoy it!

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