Industrial Thunderstorm.

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Amazing thunderstorm with the huge black clouds! The industrial buildings are magnificent with the lights and the reflection on the water is very gorgeous. Great shot! ;)

Thanks Tangmo!

You're welcome! ;)

wow. You got this thunderbolt! It must have taken quite a long time. I remember my first shot of lightning, I think I got it as I wanted on the 50th shot. congratulations my dear friend

The storm was patient!
So I had a good chance catching the lightning.

Fantastic capture:)

Thanks Pryde!

Wow!! Such a lucky capture! I hope you dud make a wish!

Now, could you take some photos of UFOs for us one day!!

Was watching the sky all week!
Sorry no UFO's yet!

Oh! Well! I guess they know you were watching for something special in the sky. They are very sensitive and psychic. You could send them invitation to have tea with you! Make sure to have some nice sweets for them too!


Awesome photography.