How To Create Black Background Photos Like An Amateur 😎👍

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Black back collage.jpeg

Some cool looking pictures from my Instagram feed.
As promised, I start sharing/cross-posting some of my pictures from Instagram to Steemit in the upcoming days/weeks.
Instead of making an extra Steemit article for each Instagram post, I lump them together and create overview articles for similar themes, topics or styles. I also try to provide some additional value/information here.
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Black background photos

Look kinda cool, right? Here's how I did it:

  • Put the subject on a table next to a window for a natural light source (no direct sunlight).
  • Place a dark object behind the subject, preferably in the shadow. I used my office chair, for example. Any non-reflecting dark surface will do, like a black or dark blue cloth or garment.
  • When taking the shot, exposure settings can be a little lower. Depending on your setup, light environment settings and on the feel you are going for with the picture.
  • The most important thing in post-processing is to increase the black value. Not too much and not too little. Just the right amount so the background is completely black while preserving the subject's edges and colors.
Field bindweed
This was my very first try taking a picture with black background. It's a blossoming field bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) inside a glass vase. A little overexposed on the white flower, but overall good looking imho. 😎👍

🌸 Wild marjoram (Origanum vulgare) 🌸. Plenty of it growing on our brick terrace, the bees love it. 😍🐝
The exposure was a little too long here too, as you can see on the brighter, not quite black, left side of the image as well as the slightly too light petals. Well, practice makes perfect. 🤓😇
Wild marjoram

Annual fleabane
This is an 🌼 annual fleabane (Erigeron annuus) 🌼 from my garden. I like the petals' imperfections, the depth of field and overall composition. 😊👌

🌼 Smooth hawksbeard (Crepis capillaris). With a little imagination, the stem looks like a snake coming out of the water glass. 🐍😅
Smooth hawksbeard

The second shot of this Orange daylily (Hemerocallis fulva) is one of my favorite pictures. ❤️😍

Orange daylily
Orange daylily

🌳 Walnut leaves 🍃🍂. I made this one a little darker. Otherwise, areas of the leaves where light directly hits would be way overexposed, due to the reflecting glossy surface. ✨ As a nice side effect, the shadows are more accentuated. 😎👍
Walnut leaves

Apple on water glass
🐛 Something already took a few bites out of this apple 🍏🍎🌳. Notice the reflections in the glass. 😊👌


Steemit premiere! ✌️😅 I never published this photograph anywhere else yet. I found this dead, dried out 🦋 cabbage white butterfly (Pieris rapae). In this bottom-up perspective, you can't see the usual distinctive black edges on its wings. The dots are clearly visible from this side too, though. 🦋
cabbage white butterfly

Any feedback is highly appreciated!
Let me know what you think...general thoughts, tips, tricks, questions, advice, funny comments, disses, bashes, whatever!

Thank you to everybody 😘.

Have fun and stay awesome! ❤️ 🖖

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What seriously cool shots i seldom do photos like these indoors i am ore a get out walking person, but perhaps this is something I should play around with over winter when its to cold to go for as many walks as I Normally do

I hadn’t posted on Istragram for ages, I decided to do one today and its change so much I wasn’t even sure how you actually do a post and it kept adding a date over the photo so I gave up lol

Thank you so much! :-)
Hmm that sounds strange, never happened to me on Instagram ^^
If you have the time, I can definitely recommend crossposting on multiple platforms. So you get your content out to more people, maximizing the ROI of the time you put into it. At least that's the way I see it... 🤓🖖

I used to do that when I was on facebook and would cross post, I sort of dropped that whenI got busy and only occasionally cross post mainly because there is just not enough hours in the day but I will try from time to time to do that

And i worked it out It just had changed from what I was used to :)

Nice photo hacks.

Thanks for the info.

Namaste, JaiChai

Thanks, I'm glad you like them 👌😍
Even though they are quite basic, for beginners like me this opens up whole new styles and technique.

Office chair put to clever use, I used to have a grey board with no folds in it to place subject on for practice, need to get back to trying new techniques again.

Excellent photographic tutorial, never has to be expensive, just inventive @spreadfire1

📷 Right, there's a lot one can accomplish without fancy, expensive professional equipment. 😍👌
Limitations can also inspire creativity. 😎🖖

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Oh wow, thank you very much! 😎👍

Cool tip! Learned something new today! :)

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Great! I'm glad it was helpful 👌😍

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Thank you, much appreciated! 😍🖖

The black background makes the theme stands out and the photograph atmospheric and mysterious.Thank you very much for the tips:) If you like you can start using the #creativecoin tag at your posts and you will receive CCC tokens along with Steem. CCC is a token designed for artists, photographers and creative people in general.