Walking a path in the Dawson forest - Ultraviolet and Infrared Photography

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The dense underbrush gave the morning sunrise a filtered look. Deep in the forest life was waking up for the day and it was not blistering hot yet, which a crisp freshness to the air. Peering through some wild Rhododendron the sun was rising from the east and making the plants around reflect infrared radiation giving their leaves a white color.


Camera ModelLumix GH3, modified by LifePixel for Full Spectrum
LensOlympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm-50mm
FilterB+W UV Black (403) Filter
Shutter Speed1/50 sec
Film Speed800
SpectrumUltraviolet-A and Infrared (UVA and IR)
Wavelength320 to 385 nm and 750 nanometers
LocationNorth Georgia USA.


In some areas I could see through the tree canopies into the sky, using my ultraviolet passthrough fitler the sky comes out as a cobalt blue. The rising sun can be seen in the right corner of the image.


Some areas along the water the sky could be seen as well, since the trees cannot grow in the fast moving creek during heavy rains. Also the sun giving the image a lens flare.


Peering through this Pine tree cluster the creek can be seen below, the absence of trees by the water can be seen.


Its not just trees trying to get to the top, also gives hitch a ride and climb the tree as it grows, this one is right by the waters edge giving it the most light. Its bending over trying to get to more of that sunlight it needs to grow.


A fallen log was along side of the trail I was walking. Though its not gone to waste, some moss is growing on the bark along with some wood loving mushrooms.


Most of the bark has been broken down, turning into dust making great fertilizer for the rest of the forest.


Not sure what kind of fungus it is, the light probably triggered the mushrooms to grow from the mycelium below. Once the tree dies the fungus grows through a mycelium run taking over where the tree once was alive in the core of the tree.

These images are being hosted by Spee.ch
An image hosting service on top of the LBRY protocol.


I take pictures with a special camera. Its a Mirrorless DSLR that has been modified by Life Pixel to see light in other wavelengths. This allows my camera to see light in the Infrared [IR] around 1300 NM wavelength, through the visual spectrum and into the Ultraviolet A and B wavelengths roughly into the 300 NM wavelength.

I carry many filters on me to make the photos you see in my blog, these filters screw on my lens and help me isolate certain wavelengths for certain scenes. These filters can be IR / UV pass-through filters to assist me get a natural photo taking out the UV and IR light. Or I may use a Infrared pass-through filter capture just IR light. I can do the same with UV light as well, though I need some better filters which they can cost a few hundred dollars for true Ultraviolet pass through filters. So for right now I have B + W 403 bandpass filters that still allow some IR light in, due to their cheaper material.

There are also exotic glasses made of sapphire and germanium I am open to working with to replace my silica glass hot mirror with a material that allows even longer wavelengths of infrared to enter my cameras sensor. Special sensors, lenses and filters of that material would be needed as well, so it would be a big project but one that may give some even more unique photography results.


Addresses below to help me buy better camera equipment and support me to travel to locations to do photo and video and overall great blogs in new places. I would be happy to list some of the contributors in my posts for donations that help me along the way.


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Absolutely brilliant photography

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Beautiful photography

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Oooo… some of those are really creepy. Would you mind if I used one or two in one of my writing forums for a flash fiction prompt?

@momzillanc yeah the woods do have that look sometimes with my camera. Yeah sure go ahead. Mention me so I can check out the post when you publish it.

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Thanks. I'm not sure you'd pick up on the mention because I was thinking of writing prompts for my FB group "Pandora's Box of Horrors." However, I will definitely credit you if I use one of the images.

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