Joro spider spotted along trail

in photography •  8 months ago  (edited)

This spider made me think it was a common garden spider at first. Until I saw its striped back with yellow and grey markings.

It was munching on some bugs it caught overnight in its web. I took this picture early in the morning before the spider would probably retreat during the day.

Interestingly this spider is usually found in Japan. Though I was walking through Settles Bridge in Gwinnett county. Wikipedia's states that they have been spotted recently in Northeast Georgia.

The garden spiders have a different marking on their backs than the Joro spider. And I did not see any zigzag patterns on the web. I wonder how it got here.. must have been a sow away on a boat or some freight shipment.

Bonus photo... theres an Anole lizard in this picture. It was grey colored just like the donation box.

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I took a pic of the same species recently here in Japan. They seem to have a linking to pose for pics lol

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@dmilliz oh cool, interesting they grow in both places. Yeah it was fun taking pictures of it.. it's pretty big so easy to capture.

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Brilliant click

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@shuvo35 hah thanks

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Great find... I assume they are harmless...

@manorvillemike I think so but I dont want to get bit to find out. Hah

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nice shot. it took a while to spot the lizard 😁 😁 😁

@sabari18 hah nice.. I took some other pictures of it but came out unfocused.

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