A Field of Red Poppies

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poppy fields landscape photography by fraenk


A Blanket of Red Speckles in a Sea of Green,

and the sky above is oh so blue.

Saturday afternoon had me venture out to find a nice spot for the weekly @googlyprize announcement images once again. I went out of town to combine the chores of the day with some leisure time in the countryside.

I managed to get a few decent shots for the Winner Announcement in this field full of poppies, but you didn't get to see the full scenery yet.

I really wouldn't want you to miss out on this spectacular show of fully saturated primary colors, though! So, here it is, feel free to jump in and take a dive:


poppy fields landscape super wide angle photography by fraenk


I've also got another poppy-themed #GooglyEyes post up shot at this location on my main account, so if you just can't get enough of those primary colors, go check that out!


Thank you for viewing my @snaepshots!


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@fraenk loves you!


Love new eye~challenges poppy themed , primary colours and winter ( it’s only June but better be best prepared right ) and those poppies love them I always see them on clothing and revers in Engeland going to look up why those exactly,
@fraenk have a Monday fun day 👁

And how many alts are there anyway ??????

Yeah, I do have quite a bunch of accounts here, but alts that I personally use are not that many. It's really just my main account @fraenk, this @snaepshots account here, for shortform random photography where i don't want to get the generous auto-votes my main account is being blessed with and I've also wanted to start using another more personal account for publishing random opinionated and not necessarily fully fleshed out thoughts as @raemblings... but that seems to get postponed all the time.

I also have an account that I use for playing games, because I'm not going to give authority over my main account to another dApp just to play a game... that one's called @mongshter.

And of course there's a ton more attached to various projects... you know the googly gang with all it's accounts @googlyeyes @googlyprize and @googlybot... then there's a bunch of kittens @steemkitten, @cuddlekitten, @steemmeow and the bunny @dustbunny... there's possibly some that I'd rather keep to myself as they're hunting abuse and flagging all the time... and then there's a couple more unused handles that might just lay dormant forever, such as abandoned curation ideas named @fraenklovesyou or @weirdones, some googly placeholders just to secure the name (like @planetgoogly all thanks to YOU!)... I'm sure I'm still forgetting a bunch here, but you get the picture I guess :P

I can’t imagine how you can handle this 😂

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