Update on the giant quail, at five and a half weeks; we have an egg!

in photography •  8 days ago 

I was surprised today by a giant quail over achiever. They are supposed to begin laying at 8 weeks, with viable eggs at 12 weeks.

My quail apparently don't know this, and have begun laying at five and a half weeks!

first egg.jpg

A little small, but impressive work for quail hen just over a month old!

Two of the males were screaming and fighting, they got a all expense paid trip to freezer camp. I am down to 12 now, should be two good breeding groups.

I am impressed by eggs this soon; a serious over achiever, no question there!

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Your quail girls are just precocious :-)))

They have impressed me....

They are actually doing better than I planned for. It's nice when it works that way, LOL!