The BEST Christmas Present Ever...Victoria came home today!

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My niece has a Premie Daughter she named Victoria, that was one pound thirteen ounces when she was born. She came home today for Christmas, and is now six pounds ten ounces; and Beautiful! She takes after her Momma, LOL!

victoria home.jpg

Here is Victoria with my Sister:

Janet and Victoria.jpg

She is eating without a feeding tube which is very unusual for one so young. The NICU is calling her their Rock Star, and she is way better than she should be!

This is what he looked like to begin with:
Victoria then.jpg

Here she is bundled up just before she came home:

Victoria now.jpg

So she is having her first Christmas, at home; and is truly the Best Christmas Present I have ever heard of! Her sisters are ecstatic, and her Brothers are just happy, LOL! BUT her Parents are too happy for words....

Merry Christmas, I hope your day is this good


She's so tiny! Glad to hear she's healthy and growing! Good to be home.

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She is doing great! Growing like a weed....

They LOVE to have her home!


Awesome news.

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They are so happy! This little thing will be so terribly spoiled, it is fun to watch!


Good posts

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Wonderful Christmas! Great present for sure, LOL!


Merry Christmas Toby! Glad Victoria is home.

It is a really good day, Thanks!


That is the best Christmas present! Congratulations!

Really happy she is finally home! I have never seen a better present for sure....

Merry Christmas,tomorrow I get to go see my grandson!


Such good news and what a great Christmas gift for you all! Cute little thing...Not you, Victoria!

Merry Christmas mate. 🙂

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I was told all I need is a red suit. I told him thanks, that means I am old and fat....

But she is perfect! The best present ever.



No comment on the old and fat remark...I'll be diplomatic! 😂

Well...That's a change, LOL!

Or is it that you just don't want the topic breached?


Well, old and fat may be a condition I'm in also so...Yeah, maybe a sore point? 😂

We all may resemble that remark, LOL! But I'm the Runt, I'm only 6'2" and 250 pounds; just a baby. Both my brothers are bigger....


Haha, *only 6'2"...Makes me a midget at 5'11"!

I guess we both need to grow up, ROFLOL!