Local farmer has trouble with bright green big caterpillars in his stored hay, so I got you some pictures!

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I have been driving about a hundred and thirty miles a day to visit my wife in the hospital north of here. Driving there I noticed that there's a farmer about 40 miles north who has run into problems with giant green caterpillars and is hay bales. They're big enough to see from the road so I thought I'd get some pictures so you guys know what to look out for!


You can see how serious is problem is, and it doesn't take many this size to take over you entire field, LOL!

Here's the picture on approach to this infestation.


It's nice to see a farmer having fun though! This fella would be a good neighbor to have....

One more look:


Hope this brings a smile to your face! Be blessed.


That's great!!! Thanks for getting some pictures!

Someone had fun, and has passed out a lot of smiles! Glad you enjoyed it....


That's fantastic 👍😀. Hope you're wife will be okay.

I got power of attorney today, now they have to deal with Me! They just lost....


How cute!
Keeps things interesting on the drive.

Hope your wife gets well soon.

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Glad you liked it!

She is improving daily, now I need to get her home. ♡♡♡♡♡

I will look, sounds good, haven't done much witness stuff here.