Discovering the Allgäu - Up and along the Fellhorn, Part 2

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Hello Steemians

Welcome back to the hike up the Fellhorn's summit. If you wish to catch up with the first stage you can do so here.

Beautiful mountain flowers line the way. If only I could name them.

Trees are getting sparse.

Almost at the peak. The sky clears up just right in time.

In the background the Hohe Ifen (2230 m), landmark mountain of the Kleinwalsertal.


This one I know, the Blue Gentian. And it blooms blue, blue, blue.




Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next post of this Discovery Series!


All photos recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S. All rights reserved.


Nice view and beautiful pictures :) wish you a nice day :)

Stunning panoramas, @shaka. Not that iPhone has done bad job, but it would be very nice to capture these in very high resolution…

Thank you @lighteye! Would love to, but sadly the poor resolution is due to the hosting via steemitimages. It was scaled down to 640px some time ago...

I thought that even highest iPhone resolution would not be as good as, for example, yours Canon 7D :)

That is true. This time it was simply the decision between carrying an extra load of 100 g versus more than 1 kg. ;)

I’m quite aware of that, @shaka. That’s why I have left my Canon 60D for a ‘car driven jobs’ only, and bought a beautiful small Fujifilm X-T20 for walks :)

Oh i just wish to spend some time there beautiful location and views its totally amazing

beautiful pictures, a place like this would make any person happy and forget all their problems

They are all great images, very beautiful landscape.

A very beautiful and scenic place! Thank you @shaka you always bring the top beauties of the world to us. Your choices are always great and so is your photography skill.

So many beautiful views, so many incredible places, I thank you for sharing the beauty of your travels.

Sehr schöne Fotos 👍
Gruß vom @bitandi

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If the pictures are breathtaking, I can imagine what it must be like to actually be there, to breathe the air. What are the spindly formations running down the mountain in pictures 8 and 10?
Amazing pictures.

Beautiful pictures and an amaizing location! Thanks for sharing whit us!

Wow, really impressive pictures! You did a great job to capture this fantastic landscape!

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