Macro Photography ~ Can you guess what this is?

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I recently had to visit Seoul for some paperwork and on my trip I was lucky enough to visit a few camera shops to see if I can find anything on the cheap to capture some macro photography shots. Low and behold I found some extension tubes. Now, I have never used them and only saw what they could do by watching some YouTube videos. Sadly these were not the highest quality extension tubes as they don't have contact points. Still, I was eager to just test them out the first chance I get. Noticed that focusing on something was rather tricky and the focal range is crazy small. Still, I was able to capture these pepper corns. Still loads of things to play with and figure out with the new lens but I am pretty happy with this shot.


Picture taken with a Canon EOS 700D.


At first it looked like to be dates but thanks for clearing it out👍

Dates are also pretty close, wouldn't mind if they were. I love dates!

Sweet and always tasty..and rugged outside...loved the black pepper though👍

mmmmm Elderberry seeds

!discovery 30

Close, but not quite. They are peppercorns! Thanks for the Discovery support!

Holly hell thats pepper? They look so large.

I know, right? also blew me away when I first saw them just wish I could get it all in focus but my gear ain't that fancy, yet. =P

I would have said they were raisins I'm so hungry, but pepper corn is just as good. You should have let us guess.

Perhaps, hehe. My natural reaction was to maybe say dried passion fruit, but raisins works. =P

Maybe next time I will leave it up to guessing. =P

It took me a minute, I couldn't think of the name but I knew it was peppercorn! So cool to see up close like that. Thanks for posting!

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Nice guess there! Thank you. =)

Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

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Black pepper!! My favourite spice! :-p