Just a little flower and a little rant.

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Spring is slowly edging away from us here in Korea and the heat is coming. Need to take some macro shots of all the lovely flowers we have here before it is too late! There will be more!

Lately there isn't all that much to say. Finally looks like Covid-19 is pretty under control here in SK and things are returning to normal again. Less and less people wearing masks. Annoys me a little to see them without masks while I am still doing my part and wearing mine. I understand it sucks and it is hot as heck now with a mask, but still. Do your part... Then again, there are way worse things going on now all around the world, the news is not nearly as shocking as it used to be as we slowly get numbed by how bad people can really be. Just a little rant. Now to look at this amazing flower and feel calm again. =P

Picture taken with a Canon EOS 700D.


That's it? I was expecting a rant... I even brought popcorn! 😕

Me too. This isn't anything. Better rant now!

Yeah! We want a good rant!! Go @scrooger go!! 😂

Looking for the rant.... 🧐

Hahahaha Now we all want a rant! 😂

On 2nd thought... maybe I will =P

All the public wants a good old rant! ahaha

Haha, you know me. I don't really rant. I leave the drama for the llamas!

I was expecting a little more rant. The title was right.

Lolol. I never really rant. Normally people don't like rants, or am I wrong there? Time for a proper rant then! =P

Lovely flower! :D

Thank you

Masks seem to be far and few between here in the UK, well the more rural bits anyway. We'll see them more in a few weeks as they're becoming compulsory on public transport but you can still wonder around a market without.

We were running low at one point but now it is super easy to get again. Give it some time, there will be plenty soon!

Thank you for your support. Here's a !shop as token of appreciation.

I love the post, and the rant @scrooger, picture is nice too.
Our spring sprung a month ago, we haven't topped 90° yet, but it won't be long now, and our humidity is often through the roof, especially right now with the hairycaine having just passed by to the west.
More posts and pics please 😀

Thanks Jerry!

You are welcome my friend