Went Backpacking With My Son @enak This Weekend To Paradise Lake (lots of photos)

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I had a ton of fun this past weekend backpacking with my son @enak and my Canon 5DS R camera out at Paradise Lake. Paradise Lake is behind Castle Peak up at Donner Summit, a bit outside Truckee, California in the Tahoe area.

As you can see by the bug nets on our heads, the mosquitoes were FIERCE this year! But dealing with them was worth it, great times were had.


Our campsite was in the cluster of pine trees that you can see in the photo below.



@enak prefers sleeping in a hammock. I am a belly/side sleeper so I prefer a tent.


Unfortunately, all the sunsets and sunrises were duds but it was still great to get out there and I did end up with some "keeper" photos.


The lake below is actually Warren Lake, it isn't too far from Paradise Lake so we took a small day hike one of the days and enjoyed this view.




There was still a decent amount of snow up at that elevation, it made for more difficult hiking but it was fun to play in and cool off in.


Can you spot @enak in the photo below?




It's always great to get out to this lake, in fact, it is probably my favorite little lake in the Tahoe area. Since it is about a 7 mile hike, there aren't a ton of tourists so it is a nice escape from the summer crowds we get up here.



I hope you all enjoyed this little look at my weekend. And I hope you all have been enjoying your weekends as well! Thanks for looking!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography



How did he get in that snow 'rock'? :) It's a cool picture! So fun to go backpacking with the family..

There was snow but was it also cold? As you don't seem to be dressed for cold temperature :)

My favorite photo would be that one with the reflection. The light is lovely there and the reflection is cool.

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Glad you like those photos @delishtreats! Yeah, when there is no wind, the reflection at that lake is pretty spectacular. We got a ton of snow this winter, there is still a lot of it up at the higher elevations but it was HOT out! The snow was melting fast and there were a lot of little streams everywhere because of it. It actually melted away from the rocks and left a bit of a snow cave that my son was able to crawl into for those shots. He said it was a lot cooler in there so he stayed in there a while, lol. Have a great day too!

Yeow outstandingly gorgeous photographs @scottshots! :-)
Love each and everyone of them! @enaks head poking out of the
glacier lol Wonderful boulders and fantastic reflections!
Nets are sure a must at times! What a great place to hike to
away from the crowds. Glad you both had a awesome time!

One of my favorite little areas up here for sure! Yeah, @enak was really enjoying that cool snow, lol. Glad you like the photos. And yup, those bug nets saved the trip, leaving after one day was discussed but fortunately not needed. Cheers!

Hey Sir,

Those are some wonderful snaps from some really special place it looks. Family affairs or taking the kids (even though they are grown up, for parents they must be kids, is it? ) to such places or on a weekend getaways are something which is important in life and also probably many people considers as the last on the list of preferences to do in the life. So your blog on taking your son for a backpack trip is really looks a great thing. It also made me nostalgic as I remembers about my Dad and few of the journeys he took me. Thanks for that.

Back to your blog, you have some special talent for framing photos that some of the shots looks special, The one through a large opening in which your son sitting in a relaxed pose, the one in which you mentioned as "whether you can spot Enak," and the next one is really awesome snaps.

Whatever be the camera you are only a talented or professional Photographer that I realized in the end of your blog.

Anyhow, the post is excellent and your are accordingly rewarded by Curie curation. Thank you.


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Always a great time hiking with my son (18 years old) and I always had great times camping with my Dad back in the day. Very important for the mind, body, and soul in my opinion. Glad you got to have some great experiences with your Dad.
Happy that you liked those photos! Carrying the extra weight of a big camera while backpacking is tough but worth it if it makes others happy when they see the results.
Yup, been shooting professionally now for over 20 years, lol. It's a fun profession but tough at times.
Thanks again and cheers back at you!

Those are the suits we need here in Venezuela. If you could export them here, you'll have a market guaranteed :)
Malaria is killing us softly. My sister has had it 10 times in the last 6 years.
Now, it looks like it was pretty cold there. How come there were so many mosquitoes. Or, was the mosquitoe-infested area warmer than the other areas we see in later photos?
That place is really worth any sacrifice or expense. So beautiful.
That sky, the mountains. Everything looks great. I loved the picture with the little light purple flowers. Amazing shot.
The photo that follows that one is also great. Unusual angle.

Thank you @hlezama! Glad you like those photos. It's an incredible area that has provided many cool shots for me over the years.
We had a HUGE winter so there was still some melting snow out but it was actually very very hot out. However we had brought some jackets for nighttime. They ended up working well for blocking mosquitoes as they could bite right through our t-shirts. It was worth the extra heat of the jackets to keep the bugs off.
They sell those bug nets at local backpacking/sports stores. I'm not sure if Amazon ships to you but they have them available on that website: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000WFXDMK/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_UR2qDbMJBHTXH
That's a bummer that malaria is such a problem there, it's not really a problem here even though we get tons of mosquitoes. Stay safe out there!

Beautiful pictures and land!!!!

Thank you @sjarvie5! It's hard to go wrong with photos in a place like that.

I am very glad to see events like this one. The photos look amazing as well. 🥰

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Glad you liked seeing that @gailbelga! It was amazing to be there in person.

Followed you now because I realized that your posts are great. Such a gem!

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Geez that is a gorgeous spot! I have never used a bug net but that actually doesn't look that bad with a wide brimmed hat, I may try that out. I wasn't expecting the bugs to be bad in Utah (we just moved here from Oregon) but the spring was so wet and we are still getting thunderstorms into the summer, and the bugs are pretty bad.

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The bug nets are great! Saved the trip for sure. Usually the mosquitoes aren't that bad this time of year but we also got tons of moisture (snow) this year so everything is a little late and wet up there. Fortunately at my home's elevation (6200) the bugs aren't nearly as bad. Hope they leave you alone soon...

Thanks for the info! I actually use steempeak a lot when reading posts but I rarely post from there. I'll take your advice next time. It's always great to earn a little more. Cheers!

Damn!!! These are super awesome shots!!!. I super love the mirror shot, that was just incredible.

Amazing photography article. Keep up the great work @scottshots

Thank you @menoski! Glad you like those and yes, I try to always post here on steem when I go out on my photo adventures. Cheers!

Your "keeper" photos are extraordinary.
Enjoy the view to your weekend with your child.
The lakes are beautiful.
Follow great!

Thank you @marlita52! It was a very enjoyable weekend for sure. So beautiful up there.

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Your "keeper" photos are extraordinary.
Enjoy the view to your weekend with your child.
The lakes are beautiful.
Follow great!

I dont know why I am still not following you but it has to change immediately. Your story tangled with the highly professional and beautiful photos is the thing I am searching on Steemit. Great job man, since now your regular audience gained a new member :)