Took A Nice Drive Around Lake Tahoe Yesterday (9 photos)

in photography •  7 months ago 

Yesterday was a nice photogenic day. The fall foliage is looking great around here so I took a drive around Lake Tahoe, starting with a sunrise at Emerald Bay.
I've been busy lately but I wanted to get the colors shot before the wind comes and knocks all the leaves out of the trees. Keeping this post short today... I hope you enjoy all the autumn colors!










Thank you for looking and I hope you're having a great day!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography

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Wow... wonderful birch trees, and I love the shots of water.

Thank you! Fall is such a photogenic time of year up here. Cheers!

Wow, I scrolled down and up and down again, but I couldn't find a favorite photo. Maybe the penultimate image, where Steemit made an error (![_Q1A2296.jpg]...), but they are all amazing photos - that lake is beautiful.
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Thank you!

Oh shoot, I didn't notice that error (my fault) but it looks like the photo posted anyway. Glad you like them all!

You're much welcome, @scottshots 🙂
Yes, I like them all - that lake is really gorgeous.

Hey @scottshots, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Gorgeous! Where I'm at the aspen fired up about four weeks ago. Now everything is dead and cold and snowy. What are those odd four-legged creatures in photo # 5?

Thank you! Yeah, they have definitely peaked now but there is still some color out there. More and more leaves are falling every day.
Those are mule deer, we get a lot of them around here...
Good to see you back on steem!

soooo beautiful! I want to go there....

Always lots of tourists up here, it's a great place to visit. Cheers!

Such a gorgeous captures you clicked on Emerald bay. Especially sunlight on to the water gave delightful reflection. Blue sky very deserve for the photography. Autumn leaves brightness. Just awesome.

Glad you like those! It was such an awesome day out there. Hopefully I'll get a few more photos shot before all the leaves fall...

Wow so so beautiful. Have been there like 20 years ago. Mt Rosie was not passable when we landed. So when we collected our rented car from Hertz, they suggested snow chain. Coming from Asia, we have never seen snow much less how to fix a snow chain. So they upgraded us to a 4 wheel drive on a Subaru Forester. Best vacation we had and the children (all grown up now) can still remember this particular trip. Thanks for the beautiful photos bringing back wonderful memories.
God Bless..@jackpot

My wife has a Subaru. Great cars! Glad you like the photos and happy to bring back memories. Might be time for another vacation here... lol. Cheers!

Wish we can afford to travel to Lake Tahoe again. As we are in Asia, it's a long flight and now that we have aged, long journey not so good for us. Driving not as good as before. But still a big thank you for giving us the remembrance of the good time we had as a family. Love all your photos.

Happy to bring back good memories. One day I hope to travel to Asia before I get too old to do so. Getting older is no fun. Cheers!

Simply divine!

It sure was! I love this time of year.

It's spring here, a really dry spring at that but we just don't get colours like that at all, it would be beautiful to see! We've only got gum trees and they're green all year.

Even the water is pristine!

Yeah, it's a great area to live up here. I am truly lucky. Hopefully some color will make it your way soon. Cheers!

Agreed! We just don't have trees like that here, ours are green all year round. The only deciduous trees we have are those planted by man in parks in gardens. Not quite the same really! : )

Hey @scottshots, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you!

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