Today's Fall Colors Photo Shoot

in photography •  7 months ago 

The fall colors are falling fast here in Truckee, California. I would say they have peaked thanks to today's wind but there is still plenty of yellows and golds to enjoy out there. I decided to take a midday drive around the area to see if anything was still looking photogenic. Yup! Some of my favorite spots have lost most of the leaves but I was happy that I went out and tried.

Downtown Truckee, California

Rocking Stone, above Downtown Truckee

More Downtown Truckee...

Musician Sculpture in Downtown Truckee

Coldstream Pond or Donner Pond, depending on who you ask...

These were all shot on a Canon 5DS R with either a 24-105mm lens or a 16-35mm lens. Handheld, no filter on the lens.

I hope you all had a fun and photogenic weekend!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography

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Here in Estonia we had some colorful leaves left 2 days ago but the storm yesterday blew them all off. Also many trees fell down.
Nice pics!

Ouch, that sounds like some strong winds. I don't believe we had strong enough winds to blow down trees, just the leaves. However, we do sometimes get winds that strong up here.
Thank you!

Yeah, 73mph max wind gusts and around 40mph sustained does its job :D Some of the towns are still without electricity and running water. Some houses lost their roofs and so on. Me on the other hand, I enjoy extreme and hostile weather events for some weird reason :D

Wow, that's some strong wind! I hope everyone's power goes back on soon, that's no fun.
We get crazy storms on occasion too. It's a love/hate thing for me. Exciting yes, but my home is surrounded by tall pine trees and a few years ago, the top 1/3 of one tree broke off and landed in the back yard. Fortunately no damage to my home but it's often on my mind now when the winds blow.

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