Showers Lake Backpacking Trip

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Last weekend, I got out for another fun backpacking trip with a couple friends to a lake I had never been to before. Showers Lake, south of South Lake Tahoe a bit. It was a fairly long hike, about 16.5 miles over two days, but worth it. I always love seeing new scenery, trails, and lakes.

I brought the Canon 5DSR, the first five photos below were shot with it. The rest of the photos were with my phone.

Showers Lake moon.jpg


Showers Lake sunrise pano.jpg


This lake above is actually Round Lake. It was just off the trail on the way to Showers Lake.

20200829_082903.jpgNope, I didn't make it to Scott's Lake. Bucket list item...







I hope you all are having a great weekend, cheers!

-Scott Thompson


What a killer first photo in the post, I love the reflection, but the sun being framed by a halo of clouds almost all the way around it, not something seen very often at all, that was a fantastic capture.

Crazy thing was, that was actually the moon and not the sun. And yeah, that halo of clouds around it was weird to see in person but really cool looking. Thank you and cheers!

Wow, hard to believe it is the moon. I have a few pictures of the moon light reflecting on the water, but I don't think I have any with the sun spike look. Makes it even more special knowing it is the mood.

Awesome hike, so many beautiful photographs @scottshots!
You have your own lake and trail marker! How cool is that! :-)
Love those big rocks, such gorgeous country!

Thanks @shasta! Yeah, I was pretty happy when I happened upon that sign. Tons of huge boulders on this trip. Cheers!

Wish I could go and hike this trail right now. Since I am unable to do so in real life I decided to travel there virtually in a new flight simulator.

Round lake from above. Lake Tahoe seen in the right corner.
Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.06

Showers lake was under snow for me.

Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.06

Here is the Scotts lake 😅
Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.06

Did even see some black bears roaming nearby the Scotts lake

Desktop Screenshot 2020.09.06

Keep em nice locations coming, Ideas for me to go.
All the best to you!

Haha! Nice to see the hike from above! That's a pretty cool flight simulator. Looks fun. I might be heading out on another hike this weekend but the fires and temporary regulations around here might cancel the trip... Cheers!

Yep, it really is!
Well, I hope you can go on this hike good luck!

Oops, I forgot to reply. Nope, the hike was canceled. The forest and all the trails are currently "closed" due to extreme fire danger. You can get a $5,000 fine if they catch you out on the trails...

No worries!
Yeah, I have heard about the massive fires going on in this area. Smoke is expected to arrive in Estonia next week. This is some serous fine they are charging for going on a hike. Well, winter is coming and wildfires are hopefully dying out soon enough.

Oh wow, is that our smoke?
Yeah, just got back from walking the dog. Stuck to the streets, no trails. That would be one expense dog walk... The weather is getting cooler and we had a sprinkle of rain this morning. Hopefully we'll get a real rainstorm soon. Cheers!

Yes, this is your smoke, arriving to northern Europe, kinda crazy.
Its pretty rainy here. Hoping you will have rains that will extenguish fires you have there.

great as always.

how is life?

Thanks! Been super busy with the real estate photography. My son is back to college. The pup has been keeping us busy. But trying to get out and play a bit too. I hope life has been great for you!

good thing that there is work. people probably look for a place to move so your part of the woods is probably busy.
This year was a bit of a groundhog day for me, as kinda nothing is happening, but overall it is all good at the moment, so i can't really complain.

Yes, lot of folks have been moving here full time instead of part time. And lots of home sales with nearby city folks wanting to move to the mountains now. I hope things get more entertaining for you soon, but glad to hear things are good. Cheers!

Omg😍the lake looks so pretty 😍 I wish I could be there in person right now 😭😭😭

It was a great weekend escape. I wish I could be there again right now too. But man, it was a lot of work getting out there... Cheers!

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