A dragonfly that posed for a photo

in #photography2 months ago

I was sitting outside because there was no power and I did not want to sweat by sitting inside the house. A dragonfly happened to sit on my lap which is very rare because they never do come near. Perhaps, it was the color of my dress that attracted it.

I gave up playing splinterlands on my mobile and tried to take some photos of the fly. It came out quite well, thankfully.

Does splinterlands have a dragonfly monster? I am not sure but they could consider one in the flying monster and dragon category. It would be cool.

The background sort of enhanced the picture and it looked nice. So, I thought of sharing it with you all.

All photos - own


You are very lucky to have this model for a photo shooting! When I saw your shots, I thought about the splinterlands, even though I don't play it! 😃

Thank you. I was very lucky indeed. :)