A day at Hammershus part 2!

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Happy thursday my amazing peeps 😉

Hope your week is treating you well, and that you can find some Light in all that is happening here on steem.

Never loose faith and keep smiling 😊
I will do my best to bring some smiles with some pictures from my vacation to Bornholm a few years ago.

A few days ago I shared my first post from Hammershus 👉 click here
Here comes part 2 and some beautiful pictures of the Castle ruin 😉 Enjoy!

Hammershus ruin!


Photograph by @saffisara


Photograph by @saffisara


Hammershus is a ruin of a medieval castle on Bornholm's rocky junction off the coast south of Hammerknuden on Bornholm's northwest corner. Hammershus is Northern Europe's largest castle ruin.

In 2018, Crown Princess Mary and Minister of the Environment and Food opened Esben Lunde Larsen, a new visitor center designed by Christoffer Harlang in collaboration with Arkitema Architects next to the fortress, which was left by donation from the National Fund.


Photograph by @saffisara



Such beautiful enviroment all around the ruin and love the many brick paths to walk on, makes you feel like you stepped back in time.


Photograph by @saffisara


The castle is believed to have been founded at the beginning of the 13th century, possibly by mutual agreement between the king, Valdemar Victory and the archbishop of Lund, Anders Sunesen.
Reasonably, this is the castle Jakob Erlandsen mentioned when he defended his construction activities by merely expanding an existing castle when Christoffer I complained that he broke the ban on building new castles.


Photograph by @saffisara


In 1265, the castle was conquered by Erik Klipping, but was given back to the Archbishop in 1276 so that under the subsequent archbishops Jens Grand and Esger Juul it could play an important role in the power play between king and church.

Erik 6. Menved was dissatisfied that outlaws could seek shelter on the castle, and in 1319 Marshal Ludvig Albertsen Eberstein succeeded in taking the castle.


Photograph by @saffisara




Photograph by @saffisara

In 1265, the castle was conquered by Erik Klipping, but was given back to the Archbishop in 1276 so that under the subsequent archbishops Jens Grand and Esger Juul it could play an important role in the power play between king and church.


Photograph by @saffisara

Erik 6. Menved was dissatisfied that outlaws could seek shelter on the castle, and in 1319 Marshal Ludvig Albertsen Eberstein succeeded in taking the castle.





Photograph by @saffisara

Eberstein was first the king's chief at the castle, but when it was returned to the Archbishop of Christoffer II in 1321, he was the lord of the Archdiocese's seat in Lund.
In 1324 - 1325 he defended the fortress against the attack and siege of the king Peder Vendelbo.
After 16 months of siege, Eberstein surrendered, and King Valdemar Atterdag assumed control of the castle, but soon after returned it to the archdiocese, which retained the castle until 1522, when Christian II claimed Hammershus and subsequently bishop of Odense, Jens Andersen Beldenak , in custody of the castle.




Photograph by @saffisara

In 1522 Hammershus was conquered by the lübeckers. They renovated the castle and used it in the years they had from 1526 on Bornholm in mortgage.
From 1576 Hammershus was again in the hands of the Danish king.


Photograph by @saffisara

At Roskilde Peace in 1658, the Swedes also gained Bornholm, and they appointed Johan Printzensköld as governor.
The Bornholm rebels led by Jens Pedersen Kofoed killed him in December of that year in Rønne and captured the day after the castle.
It was Villum Clausen who killed the Governor. Then they offered the island to the Danish king.




Photograph by @saffisara

Hammershus is situated on a 74 meter high cliff and occupies with its hidden an area of approximately 35,000 square meters.
The ring walls have a length of about 750 meters. In the northwest corner you will find a pond that may have provided the castle with fresh water.
Towards the sea there are steep cliffs and to the other sides difficult passable, rocky terrain. The mantle tower was erected by Bernt Knop, who also reinforced the fortifications that displaced two Swedish warships with his guns as late as 1645.



Photograph by @saffisara

After 1576, when the castle was again in Danish hands, it was let down because it was eventually regarded as an ancient fortification, for example. because of the firearms improvement. It was therefore used as a state prison for, among other things. Corfitz Ulfeldt and Leonora Christina Ulfeldt, who were deployed in 1660. After their escape from the Mantel Tower and subsequent capture, they were placed in a dark castle chapel, but later again in the Blue Tower - on each floor.





Photograph by @saffisara

In 1743 Hammershus was evacuated and then used as a quarry, which was used, among other things, to build the main guard in Rønne, the last palace priest was already in 1648 promoted to the parish priest in Nyker. In 1822, the castle - its ruin - was preserved.

Source 👉 click here


That was my day at Hammershus and I have to say if you ever visit Denmark or Bornholm, this is a place you have to go to 😉 amazing ruin and lots of history, but for me its the view surrounding the ruin that gets me the most 😍
So I leave you with some final pictures that shows you what I mean.





Photograph by @saffisara

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did 😁 and thank you for walking with me 🙏
There will be a part 3 and it will be all about wild bird watching 🦅 cool and scary... Lol


A teaser 😉🦅 So Stay tuned!


Have a blessed week ahead!

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I love the rock and brick pathways!

I agree that is really cool 😉 wish I had a path like that here at home 😁 lol
Have a wonderful weekend my friend. Much love 🌹

I LOVE how far you have come in your photos


Awww... Thank you so much @snook 🥰 that means more to me than you know 🙏
Love you ❤️🌹💋❤️

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🙏Thank you

Excellent photography and amazing place.

Thank you very much 🙏 appriciate it!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Incredible photos!

And now I have a strong desire to visit this place, haha! It looks beautiful and I can imagine how exciting is to explore this place.

I could feel that bird stare stright into my soul, even through screen, haha! :D

Thanks for brightening up our feed!

This can make a great stage of an epic story of romance, chivalry, deadly politics, cut throat aristocracy, and an epic battle.

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OMG I TOTALLY WANNA LIVE THERE! How far is that from where you live? YOu go there since that trip? you take Bobby?

I knew you would say that 😁 lol
It is pretty close to where I live so about 1-1,5 hours away 😉
I went there with school a few times growing up and I haven't been there after this trip I shared here.
But I am planning to as it truly is a favorite place to visit..and then I hope Bobby can join me 🐶😊 and his Damn 🦉 squeek!
Have a wonderful evening love 🥰🤗😘

When I get to Sweden, you are totally taking me there. Where I'm living. Seriously, love it. Thanks for sharing with us sweets.