Would you look at that Sunset!

in photography •  10 months ago 


Took this shot in Belgium, it is originally part of a very short timelapse I ended up never using, so I thought of sharing the photograph itself. I remember those clouds were causing a lot of rain and thunder a few minutes later. It was awesome.

Just a short post :)

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nice beautiful amber tones here :)

Thanks Carl! Spend quite some time figuring out what color pallette would be best for it :D

Reminds me of the movie Pompeii - the city that was destroyed by volcano eruption.

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Ha, I can see why it reminds you of that. Those clouds were looking awesome!

That building on the left looks like a Minecraft creation😂 Anyways, love the colors that appeared in the sky!

Haha, you see blocks! Which is a good thing since we are on the block-chain :)

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!