[Timeless Portraits] Lackofcolor was the victim

in OCDlast year

Patient: @lackofcolor | © 2020 - rubencress.nl


Last night, or early this morning, I was testing a lighting technique that would get you back into time. It is such a pain in the ass to take self-portraits so I was happy @lackofcolor was visiting the next day. I wanted to establish a setup that would resemble an old fashioned look-and-feel, this is a great way to make portraits look more timeless and they go well with black and whites.

For this specific portrait, I used one light source with a reflector on the side that would bounce a little bit of the key-light. It works as a fill-light as it bounces some of the light straight back to the other side of the face.

For those who don't know who this is, it's the always cheerful @lackofcolor.

Selfportrait | © 2020 - rubencress.nl

I always make a difference when shooting male or female, I tend to use much darker tones for men as I feel the weight of mood is not so flattering when shooting women. I naturally turn the light source up or get it closer to the model so it will highlight more pieces where skin and bone are tighter on the face.

Do you think I nailed the timeless moody look?
Personally, I think it worked out pretty well.


Lol @lackofcolor looks like shes deciding on if she should supersize the fries, or well thats my face when I'm making that decision

She's picturing them all the time, the supersize fries!

I actually bought fries just half an hour ago😏 Too bad they aren't super sized...

Lol see? I know my fries faces far too well, it’s a dead giveaway