Time to harvest!

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Hey all! It has been a while, but I didn't leave ;-).

I'm currently occupying myself with some nice photography projects which makes me pretty damn happy.
I almost forgot about my basil, and it has been growing a lot. So much, I can hardly keep up! It was a good time to check out how to make my own dried basil that I can use during the upcoming winter.

So this is what I did;
I cut some of the toppings, washed the leaves, quick-dried them with a piece of paper towel and placed them in an oven dish. I pre-heated the oven at the lowest degrees possible before getting the leaves in there. After 90 minutes and several checks in between the leaves were fully dried. As I moved them around you could hear the snappy texture from the leaves. I placed them in a plastic container-bag, sealed it and started crushing them. It was pretty easy, and just to get an idea of "how much" I would get from one batch, I placed the dried basil in a small bowl. Looking pretty damn awesome and the smell; it's super nice! I think I got like 1 or 2 grams from this. It might not be much to you, but hey; it's my first time doing this!

Below you'll see some quick snapshots that I took during the process.


Have you ever dried your own herbs?



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Appreciate that! Thank you curators 😁

yeah Basil harvest, I mostly use mine fresh but to dry it I break off the branches and hang it upside down and let it dry naturally, if you want to use it medicinal then let it dry naturally as the heat destroys the beneficial oils in it xx I have missed seeing you around these parts xx

Ah! I wasn't sure if that was an option as well. How long do you hang it upside down? Yes, I've been pretty occupied with a few projects. Thanks!

Aw man! Nice harvest. Great growing! It's so rewarding. I harvested and dried dill from my sister's garden for my pantry this winter. Keep up the awesome gardening Reuben 💚🌱❤

Hehe nice! I'm pretty surprised it is this easy to grow and dry your own herbs, did you had a good harvest? Thank you!