Shots fired, but different ones :))

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Arrow Shooting
If your fingers didn't hurt afterward, you're a pussy.

Today, @lackofcolor took me away from my cave and she had a little surprise for me. After killing her a couple of times in Minecraft with a bow and arrow, she thought it would be a good idea to see if she could get revenge on me. At first, I didn't know what she had in mind... That's what surprises are for, Ruben. Not much later something popped in my head and I knew she was going to take me to a shooting thing. So much fun!

I was looking forward to kicking her ass, I went shooting just once before while I was in college. It was part of our introduction camp and oh man... I always get fired up when doing things like these

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Bring a camera, it will be fun

And I did bring my camera, but... I forgot my card. I forgot about the card as I was loading photographs on my harddrive. The photographs aren't of great quality in this post, but I managed to shoot with my camera, even without an SD.

How? I ran the remote app and transferred the photographs directly to my phone. As I just got home, I was shocked to see that the photographs are just 1600px wide, usually, they have an 8K resolution. While I knew I wouldn't be able to shoot the photographs in RAW, I had to double-check the settings like temperature twice, as it would be much harder to change in Photoshop, rather than Adobe Camera RAW.

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While we both haven't done this stuff for quite some time, we expected a lecture that would take at least 20 minutes. Fair enough, it was like 3 sentences and off we go. Lol... there goes safety. @lackofcolor almost sniped me between the ribs, no joke.

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Time for some action

Haha, this was so much fun! Really! And my fingers still hurt while typing. I even have a red spot on my arm because the elastics cut my arm on release.

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And of course, I lost... big time. So I've set this post's beneficiary to @lackofcolor, because it felt that making cappuccino at home wasn't enough.

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Oh well, I think I broke the entire thing down with all the arrows that I shot. At some point, I was getting almost 3 near-bulls hits one after the other.

Cheers, I hope you all enjoyed


.... such a pro

Haha just kidding, you kicked (my) ass today. Maybe next time we'll have to do something like flower arranging.

So the staff doesn't have to buy new boards and arrows xD

Haha, the only arrow that went fucked up... and you recorded it.

That's bang on target !

It took a few shots... as you can see haha :D

I was supposed to be doing archery with work yesterday... but apparently, they advise not to during a hurricane... So it was cancelled ;) Glad to see the hurricane didn't bother you guys!!

But.. did your fingers hurt afterward? Fuck hurricanes, just shoot :D

I will let you know after we have the archery shooting rescheduled :P
But my gut is telling me it will hurt massively. I am too much a fanatic to take it slow and I will probably shoot more arrows than I should. Love the videos!!

I’m officially scared of you two, damn badasses, with good assets! 😝

You have nothing to fear Eve! :D We will protect you!

Let the zombie apocalypse come!

Fun! @lackofcolor, hope you kicked his ass hahaha


Take a cave photo. lol