Savory Pancakes

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Pancakes are awesome. Easy to make, and you can make so many different varieties, the fun never stops. Usually, we, the Dutch, put all kinds of the sweet stuff on it. Sugar, Maple Syrup, Powdered Sugar, Nutella, Chocolate Sprinkles, but often we also put apples, cheese, bacon, and other stuff between it.

For this pancake, I wanted to get a little bit more savory. Bell pepper, Bacon and Rucola, I forgot to add some Pine Nuts, and topped it off with some traditional Dutch Maple Syrup (which is very different from the Maple Syrup they serve in the US). I first baked the bacon half-way, let it dry for a bit, added a little bit of honey and baked it again. In the same pan, I fried the bell pepper, so it would get a little bit more flavor.

© 2019 | Ruben Cress -

I usually don't like the bitter taste of Rucola itself, but with the sweet syrup, it was a nice combo of flavors.

© 2019 | Ruben Cress -

How do you like your pancakes? What do you put on it?

Bon apetite,


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I’d be so jealous seeing a post like this, BUT I have pancake batter at the ready AND bacon, bananas, apples and maple syrup! 😎

Pics or it didn't happen... :D

Check my post from yesterday, I posted pancakes before you 😁

Ahh that looks so yummy 🤤

I'm a big fan of savory crepes with smoked salmon!

Oeh, smoked Salmon! That sounds delicious indeed

Wow. Dinner your place, next time? I'll bring the drinks, but it's clear I should leave the food to your direction. I've never gone for savory pancakes. Looks worth my while.

Haha, if you want pancakes, sure thing! But there is other food that I can make... You seem like a guy who can appreciate the real original Udon Ramen Noodles soup... :D

That looks like a crepe!

Crêpes are similar to pancakes yes! But pancakes are a little bit more thicker I believe. I personally wouldn't care if a crêpe or pancake would ended up landing on my plate. It used to be my most favorite meals when I was a kid.

Yours look pretty thin that's why I pointed it out haha

O lol, must be the angle then... or you're making really fat pancakes Kott! :-p

Maybe hahaha

Damn, I didn’t eat Pancakes for too long :/

Well, I hope this post made you go to the kitchen, real quick. Haha.

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That color pallet is awesome. Great shots.

Thanks @derangedcontests, can I enter the food photography contest with this one (or the chocolate milk one)?