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Today, I had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about LED tech. It was a fun little project for an old friend of mine. He recently bought a new company and asked me to photograph the process of installment of their products. They focus on LED technology and have specific lights they offer to their clients. We visited two places where they had projects running.

Enjoy the photographs,

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Go Ahead Eagles

If you like soccer, you might know Go Ahead Eagles. They won the National (Dutch) Championship 4 times and their budget is around 5 million Euros. Pretty nice client if you'd ask me. We left around 8 AM and got there around 9. The weather was a little bit too dramatic, but it worked great when photographing the lights.

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Safety first

The crew that installs these lights have to climb in high stadium poles. They use safety-clippers and a valley line in case they slip. Not that I'm afraid of heights, but I'm glad I don't have to replace or install new lamps at these heights. Looks like fun though.

I took some nice shots, both close-ups as from far away using my Sony A7RII and Sigma f/2.8 105mm.

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Just with any job, with planning can save you a lot of time. OVI plans and adjusts their light sources by measuring the surface beforehand. This allows them to install the lights during the daytime without having them to adjust the lights when they're on.

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At the second location, I noticed the different lights they installed. It's smart to be able to serve all sorts of clients, big and small because if you can deliver whatever the customer needs, you will extend your reach and get more clients.

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And when everything is installed, it's time for a small tech upgrade. Most stadiums use old lights, they consume a lot of power and usually, each individual light has a power-core. When you work with LED, that's not needed at all. They replaced the old tech with new and they're good to go.

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The benefits of being a photographer

I absolutely love my job, you see places, you learn more about things you never knew how the worked, or even exist, and you have the chance to meet interesting people along the way. While this project was for an old friend of mine, it was such a long time since we spoke, and I doubt if we would've met up again if it wasn't for the photographs.

We talked about the good old times and about all the stupid things we did. It's nice to see how we changed from little pranksters to slightly more serious adults who now have and take responsibilities.

I hope you enjoyed the little write-up and the photographs, below I shared my favorite shot of the day, it captured the moment just right.

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You did it again, man. I knew sharing your field work would be cool; and this is just it! You’re such a beast, and the comment amount the line of photography is too right. I imagine a fraction of my interests would exist if I did not take photography passionately. The portrait of the guy measuring with the tape is my favorite. And such a moody day!

Thanks man!

There is always something special about your photography, it has certain finesse and elegance attached to it

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work.

Appreciate that :)) Trying my best