Getting ready for 2020

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With the recently finished projects that took a little bit longer than calculated, I needed a break from the internets. While 2020 is just around the corner, there is still plenty for me to pick up and work on. The backlash of being depressed for two years had me destroy and disrupt many streams of communication with my following, business connections, follow-ups, and other opportunities. You can say that I had to start from scratch as I simply vanished from the earth long enough to be almost forgotten.

2019 was good

It's not yet over, but hey; time to take some time to look back at this year. Comparing it with 2018, this year has been wonderful. Progression with getting back on track, starting to see growth in the 2nd quarter and did some awesome projects along the way. Business-wise it looks like I'm getting back at it. Personally, I think I've never felt as satisfied as ever. Being and feeling content with my work isn't something that I'm used to.

Cleaned out my database of photographs

I think I've deleted well over 30.000 photographs that were sitting on my hard-drive, being either blurry, similar, or simply not good enough or too old. When I take a look at my old photographs, I get taken back into time. For me, this is pretty challenging to not lose focus. But it is easy for me to plant a seed in my head.

Redesigned my brand visuals

I made a new logo for my photography business, and redesigned my website. I added a webshop that I temporarily removed as I'm still working on it and have to prioritize and focus on the roadmap I want to follow.

Fixed my graphic card

Ha, yes! One of the vans of my old GPU was broken, making it so loud for years I couldn't use a microphone. I used one of the GPU's from my miner and placed it on the computer. Can you believe I couldn't sleep because I was so used to the noise?! Insanity.

Grew some plants!

This was super fun to do, and something I will continue to do in 2020. I still haven't figured out why my Chili plant keeps dropping flowers... Maybe the weather? Maybe because it's just one?

The only one that still does well is the Basil. I think my mint plant is in hibernation... should survive... I hope.

Did some fun projects

The year had a slow start, but while keeping my focus it was fruitful in the end. I did some very awesome projects, learned some new things, and proceeded to execute my work with a different perspective. At first, I felt I needed to rebrand myself (which I slowly did) because I changed as a person. I have a personal approach when I photograph people, this is the easiest way for me to connect with the people that are in front of me.

Logo design


Boda Borg

Recovered my Instagram account

I don't know how it happened, but I managed to recover my Instagram account that I built up intensively during the years 2015 - 2017. The last thing I did was unfollowing all the feeds from friends and inspirational photographers. The only thing I regret doing during my depression. Well, guess what, I tried one more time and I couldn't believe I could log in just like that.

This solves some dilemma that I was facing regarding my photography. I was getting a little bit stuck what to do with all my photographs. Mainly because I have travel photography and I have work-related photography. Solution orientated; I could use my "new" account for business (archived the feed) and I could pick up my "old" account for travel experimental portraits, and nature photography.

If you wanna take a look at my old feed;

What's up for 2020?

So, for 2020 I made a small list with the things that must do, want to do, and should do. They are basically meant to prioritize the things that need to be done in order, without forgetting the things that make me happy.

Must do's

  • Connect and network
  • Publish my work
  • Making a business content format for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook

Wanna do's

  • Edit approximately 1100 photographs for my Instagram to cover 2020
  • Do more fun portrait photosessions
  • Open up a webshop
  • Sell prints that will raise awareness and support climate.
  • Interview entrepreneurs/freelancers from my local area

Should'a do's

  • Travel
  • Play the piano

Ah well, as you can see, there is plenty of stuff that needs (or should) to be done. There are a few things that I can combine to be as efficient as I can be. I have started to work on new color grades.

Thanks for reading!

What are your plans for 2020?


Fun fun! There are also things that I need to start in 2020. Good luck to us both! :D

Fuck yes, how many sales have you made so far on the streets?

Lol sold a lot of stickers. They were best sellers. I sold paintings and bookmarks too. Enough for me not to sell steem :p

Nice nice!! That's great to hear. You're going to do even greater in 2020, your growth exploded this year! Time to explore those new boundaries hey 😁

Aha! I will. I hope 2020's gonna be great lol. :p

I am so glad that 2019 has been such a healing year for you, you are destined for great things Ruben.
Me I have a project I want to get started in 2020, very excited about it too, I wish to get my driving license sorted, get a van and travel with my girls whilst also promoting my project. When you get travelling, you are very welcome to come down my way, I think you would find lots to photograph down here xxxx

Ohoo,what kind of project is it? Do you have a region info mind when you have your license all sorted out?

something I have been planning for a while, but is only now beginning to take shape, I don't want to give too much away, but I will write about it soon. I really just want to get on the road again, at least for part of the year. I spend most of my 20's travelling outside of Europe so now I wish to see more, I have only been to Spain, France, Portugal and Italy xxx

To carefully plan is a good thing once you execute it. I hope you will take good care of your health this year and think about yourself a little bit more. Traveling is nice, as long as it isn't a running away thing. Someone told me that some people tend to travel to find happiness, but if they aren't feeling good from inside, they would be running away. Let 2020 be a great year for you!

We miss you cosinier :(

El mundo le gusto! Where are you?

Será que sí LOL.
I'me here!!! Where are YOU?!! Hahaha. <3

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Deleted 30k photos... YIKES I am sure you probably deleted some gems but I suppose if they were taking you back to a darker place that you didn't want to revisit, you know what is best for you. I know that for me personally, many times I think a photo or bit of music or something else I made isn't any good, but then come back to it later in a different frame of mind and see something in it that I didn't see before.

I am glad you are feeling in a better place now, personally in your life and professionally with your work. You are super talented and a cool dude to boot. Wishing you all the best in 2020.

"What are your plans for 2020?"

The same thing I do every year, Pinky. Try to take over the world!"

Haha, well.. it were mostly business photographs from 2011 that got eradicated from the hard drive 😁. I don't think I have photographs that brings out the darker times, when they are, I'd like to see it as a reminder of who I was and how it brought change in my life, but it is the same thing with the brighter times... always grateful for experiences that shaped me.

Thank you for the very kind words Carl! You're super cool yourself! Besides taking over the world, you got any other plans for 2020?