Accidentally took a selfie...

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Earlier today, I was testing out the lighting setup for a corporate portrait session. A friend of mine asked me if I could photograph her because she needed a new professional photograph for her LinkedIn profile. While setting up the lighting, we talked about how much we hate it when someone takes a photograph of us. Ironic... I know.

So, I wanted to demonstrate how "easy" it was to take your own picture with my iPad that I use as a remote. When I pressed the timer, I looked deep in the camera with a strong "blue steel" poker face. And at that moment... I burst out in laughter. Who was I fooling? It felt really uncomfortable.

C A M E R A   D E T A I L S
Camera Sony A7 MARK II
Lens Canon 50 mm USM L f/1.4
Shutterspeed 1/125
Aperture f/2.0
ISO 250

Anyway, when I checked the photograph, I realized there aren't that many photographs of me where I genuinely laugh, or laugh at all. And... at the end of writing this post, I'm asking myself why I'm posting this?



Yeah in most of your photos you tend to look like you are watching someone get disemboweled while someone else is yelling at you that if you show any emotion they will chop off yer gonads :joy: JK but I like to see you laugh bro

Haha, I know right? I probably will always have that kind of "face" when I take a photo... haha

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Haha. Nice accident cocinier ;)

Ahah, cocinier y a todo el mundo le muchos grande gusto

Because seeing you smile is the best thing ever. Look at you!

There should be better things that I can think of :)

Hola Ruben... No sé si es frecuente o no, pero sé de varias personas que aun siendo fotógrafos no les agrada ser fotografiados. Definitivamente existen personas fotogénicas y otras no... cada quien tiene sus talentos :)

Yes, there are :) haha

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